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Abacus Spiele

Airlines Europe Airlines Europe
Ticket to Ride's granddady has had a make over and is given a new lease of life, this time over the skys of Europe. English rules included as standard.
Alles Käse! Alles Käse!
The player mice in Alles Käse want to collect as much cheese as possible, and to do so either they can play it safe, scout the territory, and see whether the cheese they find sticks around for later pilferage – or they can take a chance on a sweet-looking chunk of Swiss and possibly end up in a trap. This is a German game, English rules are available on boardgamegeek
Aquaretto Aquaretto
Each player is the owner of a water zoo displaying hippos, sea lions, orcas and polar bears. Follow-up to the 2007 Game of the Year winner, Zooloretto
Cacao (English Edition) Cacao (English Edition)
Cacao is a tile-placement game that immerses players in the exotic world of the "fruit of the Gods".
Cacao - The Chocolate Expansion Cacao - The Chocolate Expansion
Cacao: Chocolatl features four modules for the Cacao base game, and these modules can be used individually or in any combination with the other modules. This is the English and German Abacusspiele edition
China China
A cracking fast paced area majority game set in the ancient kingdom
Coloretto : 10th Anniversary Edition Coloretto : 10th Anniversary Edition
Are you like a Chameloen? Change colours just enough times to win this simple card game. This 10th anniversary This is a German game you can find English rules on
Coloretto : Amazonas Coloretto : Amazonas
Be an explorer searching the Amazon for rare animals. But its quality, not quantity, that wins this game as the players strive to get the best combinations of specimens.
Cosmic Eidex Cosmic Eidex
Cosmic Eidex is an intriguing little trick-taking game for 3 playersThis is a German game, I will provie English rules
Hanabi Hanabi
The greatest co-operative ever made? Includes expansion Avalanche of Colours. This is the English edition.
Hanabi Deluxe (English Edition) Hanabi Deluxe (English Edition)
The deluxe version of Hanabi comes with a set of domino like tiles rather than cards, which means you can set them on the table instead of having to hold your hand up.
Hanabi Extra  (German Edition) Hanabi Extra (German Edition)
The greatest co-operative ever made. Includes the expansion Avalanche of Colours. This is a German game and rule translations are available on​The Extra edition includes 5 card holders and 'extra' large cards
Hansa Hansa
A simple and quick trading game set in the hayday of the Hanseatic League.
Limes Limes
In LIMES, each player lays out a landscape of 16 cards and places his workers in the different territories. Depending on the landscape type of the territory, each worker pursues a specific profession and gives you victory points in the end. This is a German game, a link to English rules can be found in the longer description
Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia! what a pizza! Each player has eight orders they want to fill during the game - no Hawaiian thick crusts please! This is a German game, it is language independemt and you find english rules at boardgamegeek
Mamma Mia! Plus Mamma Mia! Plus
Mamma Mia! what a pizza! Each player has eight orders they want to fill during the game - no Hawaiian thick crusts please! This is the 10th anniversary edition in a tin box with extra ingredients cards. Yummy!
Royals Royals
Europe in the 17th Century and you control one of the Royal powers who are trying to gain supremacy through influence and intrigue.
Samurai Sword Samurai Sword
Bang! with Ninjas.
Samurai Sword : Rising Sun Samurai Sword : Rising Sun
Three teams compete to cast their influence over Japan, the Shogun and his trusted Samurai, the ninjas and the lone Ronin. Which will be the last standing or have the most honour?
Tichu Tichu
Derived from an ancient Chinese game first played by westerners in 1979 Tichu is an incredibly gripping team card game
Tichu Booster Tichu Booster
Tichu Booster is an expansion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tichu. The new booster cards add a lot of variety to the game, with each card being a one-time boost, hopefully giving you an advantage or preventing harm. THIS IS A GERMAN GAME WITH NO ENGLISH RULES
Tichu Pocket Box Tichu Pocket Box
Derived from an ancient Chinese game first played by westerners in 1979 Tichu is an incredibly gripping team card game. This wonderful version comes in a small portable tin. It is a German edition and i will provide English rules
Zooloretto : The Gorilla Zooloretto : The Gorilla
Another expansion for Rio Grande's award winning family game Zooloretto. Will this one drive you bananas?