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11 Nimmt! 11 Nimmt!
As if 6 was not enough they've gone and added another 5! A variant of the classic evening closer 6 Nimmt! This is a German game, English rules can be found ob Boardgamegeek
Bohnanza: Das Duell Bohnanza: Das Duell
Gifts are common in the bean-trading card game Bohnanza as players don't want to spoil the crops in their own field by needing to make room for something new. In Bohnanza: Das Duell, a two-player version of Bohnanza, players will find that gifts are not always welcome — but they do have the option of providing a "gift" of their own to their "generous" opponent! Estimated Release Date : October 2016; Please sign up below to automatically receive an email when this title is available.
Byzanz Byzanz
In the bustling market of Byzanz, bundles of goods are available to savvy merchants. Bid for the best bundles, catch a deal at the main market, and find the right moment to sell the goods you have collected!
Cafe International : The Card Game Cafe International : The Card Game
The card game version of the 1989 Spiel des Jahres boardgame "Café International". This is a German game and English rules can be downloaded from boardgamegeek
Ciub Ciub
Tom Lehman dice rolling game for 2-4 players.
Expedition: Abenteurer, Entdecker, Mythen    Expedition: Abenteurer, Entdecker, Mythen   
Based on Wolfgang Kramer’s Wildlife Adventure, Expedition is a game about moving three commonly held expeditions around the world in search of various archaeological sites. Estimated Release Date : TBC; Please sign up below to automatically receive an email when this title is available.
Flash 10 Flash 10
A fast paced card decking game, where you have to build up 10 sets of cards, but they must be in ascending order, once you've finished shout "Stop!" and then add up the points! This is a German game, I will provide English rules
Guillotine Guillotine
How many noble heads can you claim in three days of executions? Compete with other revolutionaries to see who can make the biggest inroad to the French Aristocracy. You'd be 'in seine' not to play it.
Land Unter ('Turn the Tide') Land Unter ('Turn the Tide')
Land Unter is a German game (known in English as turn the Tide).
Medici Medici
A trading game set in Renaissance Italy. To win you will need the cunning of the Medici and the cruelty of the Borgias!
Mü and Mehr Mü and Mehr
Mü and more games. German version, English rules will be provided.
Rage Rage
Trick taking in 6 suits. This is a German game, English rules can be found on Boardgamegeek.
Ringlding Ringlding
Turn the card, grab the bands and assemble them on your fingers in the correct way, then ring the bell to collect a point, get it wrong and you will lose a point. This is a German game, I do not have English rules (though you won't need 'em)
Sticheln Sticheln
Sticheln ('Misery' or 'Pain') is one of the most counter intuitive and addictive card games ever made.This is a German game, English rules can be found on
Uno Uno
Players race to empty their hands and catch opposing players with cards left in theirs, which score points. In turns, players attempt to play a card by matching its colour, number, or word to the topmost card on the discard pile.
X nimmt! X nimmt!
This card game starts with the same premise as the well-known 6 nimmt! X nimmt! changes these rules a few ways. Each player starts with eight cards in hand and a personal X row. Played cards will be placed into three rows, with those rows being able to hold three, four or five cards. Whenever someone takes cards from a row, those cards go into the player's hand, then the player must play one card into their personal X row.