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  Android : Netrunner : Spin Cycle - Fear & Loathing

Android : Netrunner : Spin Cycle - Fear & Loathing

.“Can a single voice still make a difference? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from trying. What GRNDL does to the environment is nothing short of criminal.”
    –Tallie Perrault

The futuristic world of Android: Netrunner is one of vertiginous discrepancies between achievement and poverty. Megacorps like Jinteki, Haas-Bioroid, and NBN have developed custom genetics, bioroid manufacturing, mind-machine interfacing, and other advanced technologies that were previously limited to the realm of science fiction. Still, as they move from one technological advance to the next, these megacorps are at least partially responsible for stabilizing social policies that mire countless masses in overcrowded, unsanitary living conditions. They have translated uncountable dreams to reality, but they have helped to shape a world in which such dreams seem far removed from the daily realities of the sprawling billions. Instead, such teeming populations live in the shadows of the megacorporations’ towering corporate headquarters, and while a privileged few may consider how technology can help them become immortal, the vast majority experience mundane desperations, fear for their jobs, loathe their limited social status, and fight a daily war for survival.

The sixty new cards of Fear and Loathing (three copies each of twenty individual cards) translate this dichotomous existence to your games of Android: Netrunner. On the one hand, you have powerful and exploitive business entities like GRNDL (Fear and Loathing, 97), and on the other, you have the beaten down and fearful masses. But there are other categories, too, and while many people may be driven to silence, the game’s Runners and other spirited individuals, like the investigative reporter Tallie Perrault (Fear and Loathing, 83), are driven to action.

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Our Price: £11.49
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