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Argentum Verlag

Antarctica Antarctica
Your objective in Antarctica is to develop research centers in Antarctica and to mine resources – for research purposes only, of course. The sun orbits Antarctica counter-clockwise, and each ship it thaws moves on for scientific progress. At the end of the game, victory points for all kinds of majorities are granted. Will your consort be the one that gained a fortune ... er, has done most to rescue mankind?
Coney Island Coney Island
Players compete (and sometimes co-operate) to build the best amusement park in the world on the coast of New York.
El Gaucho El Gaucho
Take the role of a cattle baron and send your gauchos to the pampa to collect cattle, exercise their abilities at the dice rodeo and try to block your opponents, before selling your cattle at the best prices.
First train to Nuremberg First train to Nuremberg
'Last Train to Wensleydale' re-implemented with a two player board and new First Class Passenger rules.
Hansa Teutonica Hansa Teutonica
A hit at Essen 2009, this game takes the trading cities of the hanse as a theme for a clever worker placement and area majority game. 2016 English edition
Hansa Teutonica : Britannia Expansion Hansa Teutonica : Britannia Expansion
Hansa Teutonica: Britannia is an expansion for Hansa Teutonica that consists of a new map of Britannia and revised two-player rules
Hansa Teutonica : Eastern Expansion Hansa Teutonica : Eastern Expansion
New rules and a new map for Hansa Teutonica
Yunnan (English Edition) Yunnan (English Edition)
The player who can best develop their tea trade will take the prizes, but it's not all about trading either. Players must also keep the locals happy, especially the inspector.