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  Caesar's Gallic War

Caesar's Gallic War

From the publisher's website:-

Caesar's Gallic War which portrays Caesars battles in Gaul from 58BC to 51BC. The game is designed by Daniel Berger and is playable in 3 hours. The game will contain 60+ blocks, box, game map, labels, rules, 30+ cards, and dice.

The game uses are movement and portrays from Transalpine Gaul to Britannia. The Romans only get 10 legions in the game but can convert tribes militarily and politically (it's easy to get people to see things your way when you hold their family as slaves.) The German player gets 6 blocks in the game but can more easily persuade their neighbors to join there cause against the Roman oppressors. There are revolt cards which bring Gaul leaders into play (especially the Massive Revolt card which brings Vercingetorix in and causes 4 tribes to revolt and move).

Players: 2
Playtime: 180 Minutes
Ages: 12 +
Published by: Worthington Games

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Our Price: £33.99
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