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Dents and Dings

These games have box damage. They are all playable. We price them fairly. We will not provide pictures of the damage - they are are very good value.

Anachrony (Minor box ding) Anachrony (Minor box ding)
Anachrony features a unique two-tiered worker placement system. To travel to the Capital or venture out to the devastated areas for resources, players need not only various Specialists (Engineers, Scientists, Administrators, and Geniuses) but also Exosuits to protect and enhance them — and both are in short supply. Minor box ding - contents will be unaffected
Innovation Deluxe (Box bash) Innovation Deluxe (Box bash)
A deluxe box set of Innovation and all 4 expansions. All are presented in the third edition (Asmadi) style. This copy has a bashed box the contents will be fine
Pit Crew (minor box bash) Pit Crew (minor box bash)
Pit Crew is a lightning-fast game where up to three teams of players must work together to get their race car back onto the track as quickly as possible. This copy has a tiny bit of box damage but the contents will be fine
RAF : The Battle of Britain (Tiny box bash) RAF : The Battle of Britain (Tiny box bash)
An update of John Butterfield's classic solitaire game - RAF Deluxe includes 3 games and the ability for player versus player action. Never have so many gamers owed so much to one designer...Tiny Box Ding - contents will be fine
TIME Stories :Lumen Fidei Expansion (minor box damage') TIME Stories :Lumen Fidei Expansion (minor box damage')
The fifth expansion for TIME stories takes you back to 15th century Spain. Say hello to El CId!