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Derek Carvers' Top Ten

Of course, with so many splendid games, the difference between their respective merits is often marginal.  Anyway, these are the games that I always look forward to playing and/or have had their good share of table-time.

In alphabetical order:
DIE MACHER (but we play a hybrid version of the first and second editions)
I pondered long over NEULAND, which I consider a perfect game.  However, it is now probably better known in a revised version that has destroyed its original elegant concept.  So I wouldn't wish to get the two versions confused.
I also accept that LINES OF ACTION was originally a set of rules in a book to be played on a draughtboard with a standard set of draughts.  However, it was later published as a stand-alone game (L.O.A) by Hexagames.

Brass Deluxe Edition Brass Deluxe Edition
The Industrial Revolution in Lancashire. The game starts at the beginning of the Canal Age and ends after the development of railways. Players take the roles of entrepreneurs attempting to make their fortunes - compelling, original and brain burning.
Dominant Species (4th Printing Edition) Dominant Species (4th Printing Edition)
From awarding winning war game designer Chad Jensen, 'Dominant Species' sets players against each playing a species trying to evolve and prosper before the Ice age comes.
Power Grid Power Grid
Buy power stations at auction, purchase the raw materials to fire you stations from a fluctuating market, connect cities to your grid. An incredibly absorbing and tense game - the definitive economic game?
Power Grid : Fabled Expansion Power Grid : Fabled Expansion
Power Grid: Fabled Expansion offers completely new experiences for both the Power Grid and Power Grid deluxe base games through the new Fable Game system introduced in Fabled Fruit.
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Released in 2002 Puerto Rico had a five-year run as the highest ranking game at BoardGameGeek - it is the finest example of the Euro Game.
Tichu Tichu
Derived from an ancient Chinese game first played by westerners in 1979 Tichu is an incredibly gripping team card game