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Aquileia Aquileia
A sleeper from Essen 2011 - a highly interactive game set in Rome's second city. Includes English language rules as standard
A Game of Thrones  : The Card Game (Second Edition) A Game of Thrones : The Card Game (Second Edition)
In A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, the warring factions of Westeros await your command, inviting you to engage in a life-or-death struggle. In every game, you select devious plots and challenge your opponents on the field of battle, through back alley intrigue, and in the political arena. Whether you play a against a single opponent, in a game known as a joust, or engage in a battle of three or more players, called a melee, winning challenges against your opponents is the way to victory. .
Bohnanza : Bohnaparte Expansion Bohnanza : Bohnaparte Expansion
An expansion for Bohnanza, with generals! You will need the original Bohnanza game in order to play.
Bohnanza : Ladies and Gangsters Bohnanza : Ladies and Gangsters
A gnered bean expansion for Bohnanza.
Tales and Games : The Grasshopper and the Ant Tales and Games : The Grasshopper and the Ant
In this game, players take turns playing the part of the industrious ants and the grasshopper content to sponge off the labor of the ants.
Android : Netrunner : SanSan Cycle - Chrome City Android : Netrunner : SanSan Cycle - Chrome City
The Third Data pack in the Android Netrunner : SanSan Cycle
Bang! : Gold Rush Expansion Bang! : Gold Rush Expansion
BANG! Gold Rush is an expansion for the card game BANG! that can be used with the base game alone or mixed with other expansions. In addition to featuring eight new characters, BANG! Gold Rush adds two new mechanisms to game pla
G.Nome G.Nome
You are a gnome scientist helping to map the gnome GNA. Teamwork is the best way to advance your research, but gnomes are grumpy and uncooperative, and besides only one scientist can win the Gnobel prize.
Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark
In Lewis & Clark, each player leads his own "Corps of Discovery" across the American continent. His team will be complemented by the Indians and trappers met along the journey.
Mysterium Mysterium
In the 1920s, Mr. MacDowell, a gifted astrologist, immediately detected a supernatural being upon entering his new house in Scotland. He gathered eminent mediums of his time for an extraordinary séance, and they have seven hours to contact the ghost and investigate any clues that it can provide to unlock an old mystery.
Warhammer 40,000 : Conquest – The Howl of Blackmane Warhammer 40,000 : Conquest – The Howl of Blackmane
The first war pack in the 'Warlord' cycle for Warhammer 40,000 : Conquest.
Of Dreams & Shadows Of Dreams & Shadows
Of Dreams & Shadows is a cooperative board game for up to six players who take on the role of Champions trying to save their realm.
Olympus Olympus
The makers of Kingsburg designed this game of city-building in the ancient Greece of myth.