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Hans im Glück

Hawaii Hawaii
A Guru favourite! The sun, the wide-open sea, and a gentle breeze Five Hawaiians are enjoying the beach and the sun and all agree that the most recent choice of chieftain was good and the title well earned. And, each brags that next time, he will be the one chosen. To demonstrate their worth, each vows to build the most beautiful village on the island.
Pantheon (German Edition) Pantheon (German Edition)
The Boardgameguru couldn't be more excited about this game. Curry favour with the gods and build monuments that will stand the test of time. This is the German edition, rules can be found at boardgamegeek
Russian Railroads Russian Railroads
Worker placement game, manage and expand your movement capacity, improve your locomotives and aquire technical upgrades to earn victory points, all set on the Russian Rail system.
Russian Railroads : German Railroads Russian Railroads : German Railroads
An expansion for Russian Railroads, with new German railroads which aren't a fixed lenght, a solo variant as well as the very useful coal resource.
Stone Age Stone Age
Tools? Love Shacks? Gold? oh yeah food as well. All rather important if you want to your tribe to survive in Stone Age!
Stone Age : The Expansion Stone Age : The Expansion
An expansion for Stone Age
The Voyages of Marco Polo The Voyages of Marco Polo
At the end of the 13th century, Marco Polo sets off with his father and uncle on a long voyage to the East. They will journey far and wide, master the mercantile trade, and gain favor with the great Kublai Kahn. Will you follow in the footsteps of the great Marco Polo or carve your own destiny in the annals of history?
Tigris and Euphrates Tigris and Euphrates
Reiner Knizia's masterpiece is back in print in a new edition from Fantasy Flight Games!
Vikings Vikings
Discover new lands and build up settlements. But watch out, others have the same idea and you must be wary of Pillage and war.