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Flash Point : Fire Rescue - Dangerous Waters (IB&C) Flash Point : Fire Rescue - Dangerous Waters (IB&C)
Take your firefighting crew to unexpected territories, the high seas! Fight a fire on a ship or a submarine, but remember, unlike normal these people just can't jump out of a window!
Flash Point : Fire Rescue - Urban Structures (IB&C) Flash Point : Fire Rescue - Urban Structures (IB&C)
Urban Structures contains one double sided mounted game board, one Structural Engineer specialist card, and additional map specific rules with variants and scenarios
Flash Point : Veteran and Rescue Dog Pack (IB&C) Flash Point : Veteran and Rescue Dog Pack (IB&C)
Two more heroes for your firefighting team. The Veteran and the Rescue Dog.
Haggis : Ross Clan Deck (IB&C) Haggis : Ross Clan Deck (IB&C)
The Ross Clan Deck for use with Haggis features four suits, with an Ace-King in each suit with two jokers.
Roar-A-Saurus (IB&C) Roar-A-Saurus (IB&C)
Multi-player Dino fights, with two games in the same box, easy mode and challenge, both are easy to learn and get you into the action as quickly as possible.
The Resistance (2nd Edition) (IB&C) The Resistance (2nd Edition) (IB&C)
A social deduction game for 5 to 10 players. This edition contains upgraded components and updated rules.
The Resistance : Avalon (IB&C) The Resistance : Avalon (IB&C)
Pitting the forces of Good and Evil in the mist of King Arthur's court, can Merlin help or will Mordred become triumphant.
The Resistance : Hidden Agenda (IB&C) The Resistance : Hidden Agenda (IB&C)
Three new ways to play The Resistance : Avalon, with hidden agendas, and the chance to switch sides if you think the other is going to win!
The Resistance : Hostile Intent (IB&C) The Resistance : Hostile Intent (IB&C)
Three new modes to add to the drama, change the outcome of the mission, find out what side someone is on, and target the opponents leader.