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  Lord of the Rings : The Card Game - Nightmare Decks - The Voice of Isengard

Lord of the Rings : The Card Game - Nightmare Decks - The Voice of Isengard

Combined into one sixty-card package, The Voice of Isengard Nightmare Decks consist of three separate decks, one to modify each of the scenarios from The Voice of Isengard deluxe expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.
It was The Voice of Isengard expansion that first gave players the opportunity to enjoy thrilling adventures undertaken on behalf of Saruman and the White Council, and its scenarios first introduced players to the Time X mechanic, Dunland enemies, Huorns, and the wild chase for Mugash, an Orc chieftain their heroes were tasked to capture alive. With mechanics that reinforced the urgency of your missions, struck back at card-draw tactics, and forced you to rip your deck apart at random and set a great portion of it out-of-play, The Voice of Isengardintroduced a wealth of new themes and challenges.

Now The Voice of Isengard Nightmare Decks allow you to revisit these scenarios and enjoy them once again… but this time, you face them cast headlong into the pitch-black shadows of Nightmare Mode. In Nightmare Mode, you face greater challenges and discover the surprising twists from evolved scenarios. The stakes are greater, the evils stronger, and your quests are more urgent than ever!
This is not a stand-alone deck. The Lord of the Rings: The Core Set and The Voice of Isengard are required to play.

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Our Price: £13.99
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