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Mining Games

2019 : The Arctic 2019 : The Arctic
Players manage mineral companies exploring the Arctic region. They try to maximize their scores via actions which give them specific benefits or which weaken the positions of their competitors. The game contains a large range of player interactio
Above and Below Above and Below
Above and Below is a mashup of town-building and storytelling where you and up to three friends compete to build the best village above and below ground.
Antarctica Antarctica
Your objective in Antarctica is to develop research centers in Antarctica and to mine resources – for research purposes only, of course. The sun orbits Antarctica counter-clockwise, and each ship it thaws moves on for scientific progress. At the end of the game, victory points for all kinds of majorities are granted. Will your consort be the one that gained a fortune ... er, has done most to rescue mankind?
Brass Deluxe Edition Brass Deluxe Edition
The Industrial Revolution in Lancashire. The game starts at the beginning of the Canal Age and ends after the development of railways. Players take the roles of entrepreneurs attempting to make their fortunes - compelling, original and brain burning.
Coal Country Coal Country
Coal Country is rife with corruption, with the many mine foremen "influencing" various aspects of the mining industry in a number of ways.
Desperados Desperados
Grab a partner to mine them thar hills and protect your findings from the Desperados!
Glück Auf! ('Coal Baron') Glück Auf! ('Coal Baron')
As the owner of a coal mine and it's your job to fulfill orders, the more you can fulfill the more points you will earn, but each customer has their own requirements and other owners are also trying to supply them. Time to get down and dirty!
Kohle and Kolonie Kohle and Kolonie
Take control of a German coal mine in the 19th century and bring it up to date, but don't forget to spend on safety too.
Lost Valley Lost Valley
Grab your horse, your pack, and your whiskey because "The Gold Fever is Raging" in the Yukon. Hordes will go, many will turn back or die, but some will achieve their wildest dreams.
Mine All Mines Mine All Mines
Mine the caves of the rocky highlands and forge the materials you find into glorious jewelry to please the Dwarf King. Mine All Mines puts you in control of a clan of dwarves who you'll send deep into the mountain to mine for precious minerals.
Saboteur Saboteur
A quick tile laying card game from Mayfair Games. Are you a dwarf miner trying to find the gold or a saboteur trying to prevent it? Nobody knows for sure until the end!
Saboteur 2 Saboteur 2
Expansion to the popular Saboteur card game. Adds new roles and action cards, and expands the game for 2-12 players.
Super Motherload 2nd Edition Super Motherload 2nd Edition
Super Motherload is a tile-laying deck-building game of the exploration and mining of Mars.
Twin Tin Bots Twin Tin Bots
Your robots have limited programming, but will follow old rules unless changed, can you manage the chaos and collect the most crystals?