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  Parsec (Deluxe Edition)

Parsec (Deluxe Edition)

From the publisher's website:

Note: PARSEC DELUXE includes Parsec and its first two expansions: Moons and Monstersand Nebulas and Nanotechs.


Euro Game #5

When your Homeworld is nearing its demise, it it time to saddle up your rocket ship and explore the neighborhood in nearby space. Parsec is a tile placement game of discovery and exploration in outer space for 2 to 4 players. 

Featuring easy mechanics and a nimble pace, Parsec is a truly teachable game for everyone. It boasts rich, compelling Euro-style competitive gameplay as each player races to improve their positions to garner the most points and technology progress between scoring rounds. Careful placement of drawn tiles featuring sections of planets, nebulae, asteroid fields, and more is half the game, while maneuvering your rocket and carefully assigning its compliment of robots for control of these key locations is equally important.

This is your chance to save the denizens of Homeworld; explore Parsec today!

Game Components:

•    1 Victory Point Scoreboard 
•    1 Homeworld Start Sheet
•    72 One Inch Space Tiles
•    4 Ship Counters (1 of each color)
•    64 Robot Counters (16 of each color)
•    48 Gold Coins (40-1 Coin Value, 8- 5 Coin Value)
•    50 Research Tokens
•    20 Nanotech Cards
•    One 4-page full-color Rules booklet
•    Polybag packaging and component storage

Players: 2 - 4
Playtime: 90 + Minutes
Ages: 10 +
Published by: Victory Point Games

RRP: £39.99
Our Price: £36.99
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