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  Star Wars X-Wing : The Force Awakens - Core Set

Star Wars X-Wing : The Force Awakens - Core Set

X-Wing is a two-player miniatures game of fantastic, high-speed dogfights. Now, for the first time, you can enjoy these dramatic space battles with the incredible new starfighters from The Force Awakens!

The Force Awakens Core Set is the heart of your X-Wing experience and contains everything that you and a friend need to start playing, including three painted plastic ships – one Resistance T-70 X-wing and two TIE/fo fighters.

Painstakingly and faithfully created at 1/270 scale, these miniature starfighters come to life with intuitive rules, individualized maneuver dials and templates, and custom dice that make your combats fast, deadly, and exciting.
Each ship has its own maneuver dial, and each type of ship boasts a unique range of maneuvers. At the beginning of each game round, you secretly select your ship’s speed and bearing, locking it into the maneuver dial. Then, after you and your opponent have assigned maneuvers to all your ships, you reveal and execute them, starting with the lowest skilled pilot.
Whether you rush headlong toward your enemy to shower his forward deflectors in laser fire, or dance away from him as you attempt to acquire a targeting lock, you’ll be in total control throughout all the tense dogfighting action.
Want to customize your ship and crew? In addition to its miniatures, maneuver templates, and custom dice, The Force Awakens Core Set contains more than a dozen ship and upgrade cards that you can use to send your ship into battle with different pilots, droids, and tech. Each of these cards has a specified squad point cost, and as you assemble your squad, they’ll present you with a range of compelling decisions before you even fire up your engines.
How Does The Force Awakens Core Set Fit with the Rest of X-Wing?
The starfighters, pilots, and upgrades from The Force Awakens Core Set are fully compatible with the rest of the X-Wing Miniatures Game.
Meanwhile, the rules for squad-building have been revised so that you can pair your Resistance and First Order ships with those from the game's other factions:
  You can pair your Resistance starships with those of the Rebel Alliance
  You can command your First Order pilots and starfighters into battle alongside the ships and pilots of the Galactic Empire.
  The galaxy's Scum and Villainy include a notorious blend of pirates, mercenaries, and bounty hunters.
When you build a squad, you choose one of these three groups and can use any of its ships, pilots, and upgrades.
2 players

Play time 60 Minutes +

Ages 12+

RRP: £36.99
Our Price: £29.99
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