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  The Capitals

The Capitals

The Capitals is a 2-5 player city-building game from Mercury Games and Brazilian designer Thiago Boaventura.  It takes 90 minutes to play.  The theme is that you are building capital cities over a period of many years, from the Victorian era to modern times. with the purpose of hosting the World Expo.  The game features 8-bit art, and purports to have a lot of replayability since it has over one hundred unique buildings.
The game comes with a board, 35 player markers, 5 tourist markers, 75 orange energy cubes, a time marker, 10 construction tokens, 110 prestige tokens, 143 building tiles, 5 icon and symbol summary sheets, and one highest culture token.  In the beginning, you’ll separate the buildings into six stacks – era I buildings, era II buildings, era III buildings, starting buildings, prosperity buildings, and power plants (sorted by the number on their backs).  Two era I building (plus one per player in the game) are placed on the $0 project track.  Each player places a marker on the six board tracks – population, employment, public services, progress, economy, and culture.  Initiative is randomly determined, and this reduces your economy depending on placement.  Each player gets three starting tiles (a level one power plant, a hotel, and a city hall), 2 construction tokens (which are in a corss shape showing an intersection), and a tourist marker.  Your city hall and hotel are set up  with the construction tokens between them in the corners, and four energy cubes are placed in your power plant, which is not connected to your city.
The Capitals is played over three eras, with each era consisting of four rounds.  Each round has five phases: political, building, tourism, executive, and administrative.
Players: 2 – 5
Playtime: 90 Minutes
Ages: 13 +
Published by: Mercury Games

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Our Price: £53.99
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