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Top Strategy Games for Solo Play

One doesn't have to be the loneliest number! Many strategy games have optional rules or variants that allow for dealing the time away all by yourself.

Here are a few of our favourites for when solitaire's the only game in town.

A.D 30 : Walk With Jesus (Boxed Edition) A.D 30 : Walk With Jesus (Boxed Edition)
A.D. 30: Walk With Jesus to Jerusalem is a solitaire game that takes you, as the player, along the travels of Jesus, from the River Jordan to his entry into Jerusalem.
Agricola Agricola
In Agricola (Latin for 'farmer'), you're a farmer living in a wooden hut with your spouse and little else. You start with a lot of barren land, no building materials and limited time to build a farm for your family - who need feeding! Now includes Animeeples
Arkham  Horror Arkham Horror
The year is 1926, and it is the height of the Roaring Twenties. - It's a celebration in the aftermath of the war to end all wars. Yet a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham
At the Gates of Loyang At the Gates of Loyang
The third game in Uwe Rosenberg's famed trilogy of farming games.
Bios Megafauna Bios Megafauna
Phil Eklund's latest experience game for up to 4 players including solitaire explores the mutations and evolution of animals from the dinosaur age.
Blokus Blokus
Blokus is a clever strategy game played by between 2 and 4 players, and the rules take less than 1 minute to explain
Caverna : The Cave Farmers Caverna : The Cave Farmers
Its Agricola on Steroids! Build your cave, cultivate your fields, breed your animals, including your dogs & donkeys, and don't forget to do some mining in any spare time you can find!
Darkest Night : From the Abyss Darkest Night : From the Abyss
The third expansion for Darkest Night adds new abilities to the Necromancer, can be combined with either or both of the first two expansions or used on its own.
Dawn of the Zeds (Second Edition) - Boxed Dawn of the Zeds (Second Edition) - Boxed
Zombie attack! A single player coordinates a town's defence against the zombie horde. This is the boxed second edition
Dungeons & Dragons Board Game : Castle Ravenloft Dungeons & Dragons Board Game : Castle Ravenloft
A solo or co-operative adventure board game from the masters of role - playing ; Wizards of the Coast.
Fields of Arle Fields of Arle
Look after your farm in the fields of Arle, set your family tasks depending on the season, but remember that building will be invaluable to you as your craftsmanship grows.
Freedom : The Underground Railroad Freedom : The Underground Railroad
Can you work together and bring about the end of Slavery? Careful planning is needed as you need to balance the freeing of slaves against the acquisition of funds to keep your movement active.
Friday Friday
A solo adventure as you, Friday, must help Robinson survive and last two battle against the pirates.
Ghost Stories Ghost Stories
Wu-Feng, the Lord of the Nine Hells has found where the funeral urn containing his ashes is kept. His hordes are already marching upon the small village of the Middle Kingdom hiding them
Hero of Weehawken Hero of Weehawken
This great solitaire game has the player tracking down Aaron Burr, the renegade former Vice President of the US, and gathering evidence to charge him with treason
Historia Historia
Guide your civilization through 12,000 years of human history, wage wars, build wonders and hopefully in the end other civilizations will all look up to yours.
K2 K2
In this game, you can conquer the most hazardous mountain climb in the world from the comfort of your own armchair.
K2 : Broad Peak K2 : Broad Peak
Get your crampons on - A new mountain, new challenges and historical scenarios.
Le Havre Le Havre
Uwe Rosenberg's follow up to Agricola, this is a classic development game inspired by Caylus and Agricola - and it's just as good as both of these master pieces! This 2012 edition Includes the expansion Le Grand Hameau!
Legacy : Testament of Duke De Crecy Legacy : Testament of Duke De Crecy
Can you build a powerful dynasty in 18th Century France, you must make allies, arrange good matches for your sons and daughters and nurture strong connections at court.
Legendary : Marvel Deck Building game Legendary : Marvel Deck Building game
Spider-Man, Hulk, Cyclops, Wolverine...need i say more?
Nations Nations
Lead your Nation to become the greatest, but the choice of path is up to you, will you create a strong army, produce wonders or lavish your population with culture?
Robinson Crusoe : Adventure on the Cursed Island Robinson Crusoe : Adventure on the Cursed Island
A co-operative, or solo adventure for shipwrecked survivors on an unforgiving island.
Robinson Crusoe : Adventure on the Cursed Island - Voyage of the Beagle Robinson Crusoe : Adventure on the Cursed Island - Voyage of the Beagle
The first expansion for Robinson Crusoe. Please note this is the ZMan edition.
Space Hulk : Death Angel Space Hulk : Death Angel
Dare you face the genestealers again? Space Hulk stripped down into a co-operative card game.
Space Hulk : Death Angel - Deathwing Space Marine Pack Space Hulk : Death Angel - Deathwing Space Marine Pack
This adds a new marines in the fight against the genestealers!
Space Hulk : Death Angel - Mission Pack 1 Space Hulk : Death Angel - Mission Pack 1
New mission cards, new terrain and new Genestealers!
Space Hulk : Death Angel - Tyranid Enemy Pack Space Hulk : Death Angel - Tyranid Enemy Pack
This adds a new host of enemies to fight
Swing States 2012 Boxed edition Swing States 2012 Boxed edition
Swing States 2012 is a solitaire game simulating a U.S. presidential election in a given year. You are a political strategist hired by the nominee to win the Presidential Election for either theDemocratic Partyor the Republican Party
Thunderstone Advance : Numenera Thunderstone Advance : Numenera
The ancient evil known as Doom has decided to make a change. In this new world, Numenera, Doom has manifested as an intelligent virus that controls its host. An addition to the original Thunderstone game, are you sure you want to be an adventurer?
Thunderstone Advance : Worlds Collide Thunderstone Advance : Worlds Collide
Over 500 cards including previously hard to get promos and fan favourites make up Thunderstone Advance : Worlds Collide, fully compatible with Thunderstone Advance and can be intergrated with Thunderstone Advance : Towers of Ruin.
Urbion Urbion
a solitaire or 2 player co operative card game
Yggdrasil Yggdrasil
Co-operate to save the sacred tree of the Norse gods..or darkness will cover the universe. Includes the Asgard Extension.