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Train and Transportation Games

Transport has been around as long as humans, the need for people to get to one place to another in the shortest time has been a constant problem since the invention of the wheel.

For some reason trains has been at the forefront of the gamers mind when producing games about transport, but there are also other ways to get around, boats, planes and even the humble camel.

So wander around, plan vast networks that can span the globe, all from the luxury of your chair, this is a section that's going places.

Pioneers Pioneers
Routes and cowboys!
Ticket to Ride : First Journey Ticket to Ride : First Journey
Now the youngest of rail roaders can enjoy Ticket to Ride!
Ticket to Ride Europe : First Journey Ticket to Ride Europe : First Journey
Now the youngest of rail roaders can enjoy Ticket to Ride on the Map of Europe!
Destination Fun Combo Pack Destination Fun Combo Pack
This package includes the contents of Automobiles: Racing Season, Trains: Coastal Tides and Planes: Round Trip.
1830 : Railways and Robber Barons 1830 : Railways and Robber Barons
Francis Tresham's masterpiece is back in print.
1844 / 1854 1844 / 1854
The railway history of both Switzerland and Austria can be explored in 1844/1854, two previously self-published designs — both based on the 1829 game system created by Francis Tresham — that have thoroughly revised for this new edition.
1846 The Race to The MidWest 1846 The Race to The MidWest
In 1846, 3-5 tycoons compete to earn money and build the best stock portfolio by investing in and operating railroads within the midwestern United States.
1853 1853
Lookout Games' revamp of Francis Tresham's xx classic.
1862 : Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties 1862 : Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties
1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties is an 18xx game set in East Anglia, England. I
1865 : Sardinia 1865 : Sardinia
Part of the 18xx group, 1865 : Sardinia adds a traffic based system, foreign investors (Dragons) and the ability to acquire other companies.
18OE: On the Rails of the Orient Express 18OE: On the Rails of the Orient Express
Claim your stake in European railroad history by crafty combinations of Major and Minor railroads, creating the most efficient route for the Orient Express. The winner is the player with the highest net worth when the modern age arrives.
20th Century Limited 20th Century Limited
Become part of a U.S. National Institution of the early 20th Century, as you build the routes and reputation of The (second) Most Famous Train in the World: the 20th Century Limited.
Aeroplanes : Aviation Ascendant Aeroplanes : Aviation Ascendant
Open new routes with the planes of the golden age of flight.
Age of Steam Age of Steam
One of the highest ranked railroad games on the Geek has been re-printed by Fred distribution. Martin Wallace's masterpiece is a tough (some would say brutal) economic game.
Age of Steam : America & Europe Age of Steam : America & Europe
Two mounted maps for Age of Steam, goods are in tight supply but you do get a free '6' engine. In Europe it's more about high speed, high capacity trains.
Age Of Steam : Cuba/Sicilia Age Of Steam : Cuba/Sicilia
Age of Steam Expansion: Cuba & Sicily has two new maps, with a new "Gunpowder" special action delivery to recognize the revolution in Cuba, which is a solitaire map. In the two-player map Sicily, the players struggle against the Cosa Nostra, a third virtual player.
Age Of Steam : Germany & France Expansion Age Of Steam : Germany & France Expansion
An expansion for Age of Steam featuring two mounted maps to dominate!
Age Of Steam : Ice Pack/Solar System Age Of Steam : Ice Pack/Solar System
Age of Steam Expansion: Ice Pack & Solar System features two maps for 3-5 players. Solar System is particularly hard to master as the city-planets revolve around the Sun, while in Ice Pack the map disappears round after round.
Age Of Steam : Paris/Moscow Age Of Steam : Paris/Moscow
Paris features a fixed map using large districts in place of standard Cities with pre-determined linkages between them. In Moscow the players must contend with the Russian Mafia, who make different cities black each round.
Age of Steam : Time Traveler Age of Steam : Time Traveler
Travel not only to different locations but different times, with several maps that portray different locations and eras. A sci-fi version of Age of Steam.
Age of Steam Expansion :  Hawaii Islands Age of Steam Expansion : Hawaii Islands
Holland/Madagascar is a solo puzzle for Age of Steam.
Age of Steam Expansion : Congo/Sweden Age of Steam Expansion : Congo/Sweden
Congo/Sweden is a set of two AOS expansions.
Age of Steam Expansion : Holland/Madagascar Age of Steam Expansion : Holland/Madagascar
Holland/Madagascar is a set of two AOS expansions.
Age of Steam Expansion : Mars Age of Steam Expansion : Mars
Holland/Madagascar is a set of two AOS expansions.
Airlines Airlines
In Airlines, players represent the new emerging airlines in the 1960s, trying to become the best airline in the world. Estimated Release Date : TBC; Please sign up below to automatically receive an email when this title is available.
Airlines Europe Airlines Europe
Ticket to Ride's granddady has had a make over and is given a new lease of life, this time over the skys of Europe. English rules included as standard.
American Rails American Rails
Manage your portfolio, with negotiation and ruthlessness to become the first Rail Baron of America.
Around the World in 80 Days (2016) Around the World in 80 Days (2016)
Around the World in 80 Days is a beautiful and modern republication of the first ever Spiel des Jahres winner (the most prestigious Game of the Year award in 1979), thematically revisited around the timeless and beloved novel of the same name by Jules Verne.
Baltimore & Ohio Baltimore & Ohio
Eagle games remake of Winsome's Baltimore and Ohio is a game for pioneering railroad barons
Baltimore & Ohio Expansion Set Baltimore & Ohio Expansion Set
The Baltimore & Ohio Expansion Set comprises four distinct expansions for Eagle Games' Baltimore & Ohio game. All four expansions may be used simultaneously or players may select any combination of expansions.
Canal Mania Canal Mania
Build the most successful canal network by employing great British engineers. This is a family strategy game set in the early Industrial Revolution when canals were the arteries of Britain's industry
Celestia Celestia
In Celestia, a revamped version of Cloud 9, you board an aircraft with a team of adventurers to perform many trips through the cities of Celestia and recover their wonderful treasures.
Celestia : A Little Help Celestia : A Little Help
Celestia: A Little Help allows passengers to give the captain a hand, but bluffing and dirty tricks will still show their hand as well!
Chicago Express Chicago Express
Queens super production of Wabash Cannonball - a deep train game that plays in around an hour
Chicago Express : Narrow Gauge and Erie Railroad Expansions Chicago Express : Narrow Gauge and Erie Railroad Expansions
Two Expansions in one box for Chicago Express
Circus Train : Boxed (Second Edition) Circus Train : Boxed (Second Edition)
The second edition of Circus Train!, All the fun of the fair in this highly original game where players are ringmasters hiring talent to perform circus shows touring across America by train.
Colt Express Colt Express
An amazing 3d train provides the back drop to this game of desparados and robbery.
Colt Express Expansion 1 :  Horses & Stagecoach Colt Express Expansion 1 : Horses & Stagecoach
Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach, the first expansion for the 2015 Spiel des Jahres winner Colt Express, introduces a 3D stagecoach that rides alongside the train from the base game. The bandits now have horses that they can ride to move faster between the cars, and these horses allow them to jump into the stagecoach as well.
Colt Express Expansion 2 : Marshall & Prisoners Colt Express Expansion 2 : Marshall & Prisoners
The second Colt Express expansion : Marshal & Prisoners, contains three new components to add to your game!
Continental Divide Continental Divide
Winsome Games accliamed Train game given the all star Fred treatment.
Empire Builder Empire Builder
The grand daddy of crayon rail games has received a make over and re-print by Mayfair Games.
Empire Express Empire Express
An entry level 'Crayon Rails' game.
First Class First Class
The Orient Express: the name alone evokes the wonder and luxury of a first-class journey along a scenic European landscape. But if the Orient Express was yours, what would such a venture imply?
First train to Nuremberg First train to Nuremberg
'Last Train to Wensleydale' re-implemented with a two player board and new First Class Passenger rules.
Game of Trains Game of Trains
In Game of Trains, each player is in charge for his line of trains. At the beginning of the game, the train cars in the player's train line — each with their own number — are sorted in descending order. The aim of the game is to be the first one to rearrange your train line so that the cards are in ascending order. Each card has a train car with a number and also a special power depicted on it.
German Railways German Railways
A beautiful remake of Preußische Ostbahn, and a develpment of the Chichago Express/Wabash game system.
Iberian Rails Iberian Rails
Iberian Rails is a share-holding train game in which players employ services of characters, some more reputable than others.  Available to pre-order, expected in stock November
India Rails India Rails
A 'crayon rails' game set in the beautiful subcontinent of India
Iron Dragon Iron Dragon
A 'Crayon rails' game where fantasy meets reality - lay iron tracks across a mythical realm.
Ivor the Engine Ivor the Engine
Ivor the Engine, from the legendary Smallfilms studio, is one of the most enduring children's series in British television history. and this is the board game.
Kansas Pacific Kansas Pacific
In this game, players are purchasing auctioned shares to run or share in the profits of one of six railroads that begin on the Eastern edge of Kansas. The railroads gain income by passing through a variety of Kansas cities and towns, with sizable income available for those that go through Wichita or Topeka.
Last Train to Wensleydale Last Train to Wensleydale
Build track, deliver Cheese and Passengers. Sell loss making track to a larger train company. Another train game of genius from Martin Wallace.
New England Railways New England Railways
Martin Wallace's classic precursor to Age of Steam - now in a new edition.
Orient Express Orient Express
Orient Express is the sequel to 20th Century Limited. Players create passenger routes or some of the most famous railroads of Europe.
Planes Planes
Your party is ready to board the plane, the only problem is that you now have to get to the boarding gate, through security, checking luggage and grabbing a bite to eat, all while avoiding getting bogged down and missing the flight!
Planes : Round Trip Planes : Round Trip
This expansion features two new boards, providing more airports to explore. An entire deck of new playing cards allows players to experience the game with new actions and goals. New planes tokens gives players more options to customize airport boards with endless variety.
Poseidon Poseidon
Two to five players act as leaders of different peoples and command them to explore, send out fleets, build trading posts, and generate the highest possible profit. Poseidon contains most of the basics of 18xx games and due to the relatively short running time of two hours is as suitable for 18xx-newbies who want to explore this wonderful world as it is for experienced train gamers
Railroad Revolution Railroad Revolution
In Railroad Revolution, you will manage your own railroad company, ruthlessly competing to be the most powerful railroad tycoon across all America..
Rails of Europe Rails of Europe
The first commercial expansion for Railroad Tycoon - this tight and well designed map will delight Railroad tycoon fans
Railways of Great Britain Railways of Great Britain
Railways of Great Britain is an exciting expansion for the Railways of the World board gaming system, featuring a board of Great Britain!

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