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World War II

It is the War that changed the World, the old European powers pounded themselves into the ground and from the ashes arose two new 'Super' powers. But this war wasn't just confined to Europe, it spread across the globe, on land, on sea and in the air. It has been the inspiration for thousands of films, books, documentaries and the board gaming sect has not missed out.

Where-ever you wish to re-fight the war you can, from small battles to the whole campaign, you can choose which area to fight. From simple battles to controlling the whole economic systems and research of the Allies or Axis countries, you can put yourself in charge and fight the war you want. You have the choice of spending from 30 minutes to months playing (if not years!), and the level of detail you require is bound to be on offer.

So check out the whole section and see what might be right for you, and remember we're here to answer any questions you may have.

Heroes of Normandie : Carentan Scenario Pack Heroes of Normandie : Carentan Scenario Pack
Carentan....The town stands in the path of the American army, which is trying to establish a defensive line against possible counterattacks.
Heroes of Normandie : Sainte Marie Eglise Scenario Pack Heroes of Normandie : Sainte Marie Eglise Scenario Pack
Sainte-Mère-église....June 6, 1944 :The scattered units of the 82nd and 101st Airborne have taken position in the most famous village in Normandy to have been liberated by American paratroopers. Relive this battle.
Tiger Leader Tiger Leader
In Tiger Leader, you’ll be in command of a German Kampfgruppe of tanks, armored cars, trucks, halftracks and supporting infantry.
1944 :  Race to the Rhine 1944 : Race to the Rhine
The Allied Generals not only wanted to defeat the Germans, they wanted to beat their rivals to the Rhine to claim the glory of victory.
A Las Barricadas! A Las Barricadas!
On 18 July 1936, various generals in the Spanish army rose up against the government of the Second Republic. The failure of the coup as it had been originally planned gave way to a civil conflict between the defenders of the democratic government and the backers of the military coup. Machado’s two Spains fought each other for nearly three years in a battle which reflected the political and social tensions affecting the world at that time.
A Victory Denied A Victory Denied
The pivotal battle before Moscow is the subject matter of A Victory Denied, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed game, A Victory Lost.
A Victory Lost A Victory Lost
A harsh, cold wind blows across the steppes of Russia. With a flurry of thundering explosions, the Russian offensive Operation Saturn begins. Can the Russians encircle and trap the extended German armies? 2nd edition, 2015.
A World at War A World at War
A World at War is a grand scale design that let's you see what could have happened during the Second World War. You can control economic, political, diplomatic, research and production. Ten years in design and development. 2013 edition.
Absolute Victory : World Conflict 1939-1945 Absolute Victory : World Conflict 1939-1945
ABSOLUTE VICTORY: World Conflict 1939-1945 is Compass Games’ global level ‘mini-monster’ simulation of the Second World War in every theater, real or potential. Unlike many bigger games, AV concentrates on the fun stuff – ground and naval combat – while simplifying the boring stuff like unit production and logistics.
Across The Pacific Across The Pacific
Across the Pacific portrays the entire Pacific War in five-month turns with units that range from armies to regiments, air fleets to destroyer flotillas. The game system is interactive so that each player is involved at every moment of play. The heart of the game's mechanics is a series of strategic and tactical phases — 5 per player per turn — that are sequenced by a chit draw so that each player will know his and his opponents possible actions, but not the order in which they will be undertaken. This brings about continual strategic and operational opportunity as players plan their actions in response to the lifting for of war.
Against the Odds : Annual 2012 Forlorn Hopes Against the Odds : Annual 2012 Forlorn Hopes
Against the Odds 2012 Annual includes 'Forlorn Hopes' - a strategic game about the Japanese conquest of the Dutch east Indies
Airborne Commander Airborne Commander
Airborne Commander is a solitaire WW2 paratrooper deck building game depicting the 101st Airborne Division's actions in support of the D-Day landings.
Airfix Battles Airfix Battles
Airfix Battles is an introductory World War II battle game that you can play out of the box with die-cut cardboard counters or upgrade with Airfix models of military vehicles.
Angels One Five Angels One Five
Wargames author, professor, and designer Philip Sabin introduced Angels One Five in his book, Simulating War, and this Victory Point Games edition has polished the game's original components to bring you a great simulation game experience
Ardennes '44 Ardennes '44
GMT Reprint of Mark Simonitch's and Tony Curtis's acclaimed hex and counter game about Ardennes.
ASL : Action Pack 10 ASL : Action Pack 10
8 new scenarios and two new maps to use with Advance Squad Leader, you must have the base game in order to play.
ASL : Action Pack 12 – Oktoberfest XXX ASL : Action Pack 12 – Oktoberfest XXX
Action Pack #12: ASL Oktoberfest XXX is a celebration of the 30th running of ASL Oktoberfest in Greater Cleveland, Ohio. The pack spans the globe and nearly 13 years of small unit actions surrounding the World War II era.
ASL : China-Burma-India : The Lost Theater Part I – The Japanese Invade : December 1941 – May 1942 ASL : China-Burma-India : The Lost Theater Part I – The Japanese Invade : December 1941 – May 1942
Can you help defend Burma from the onslaught of the Japanese conquerors? Or, can you expand the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere by liberating Burma from the imperial colonials?
ASL : Decision at Elst ASL : Decision at Elst
Set during the Market Garden operation, Decision at Elst pits the British forces against the Germans in the Netherlands, at the town of Elst.
ASL : Winter Offensive Pack 7 ASL : Winter Offensive Pack 7
ASL Winter Offensive 2016 Bonus Pack features three new scenario designs and two new geomorphic mapboards (74 and 75).
Assault on Sevastopol Assault on Sevastopol
Assault on Sevastopol is a two-player game recreating Erich von Manstein’s attempt to clear the Crimean peninsula and seize the key port city of Sevastopol
Atlantic Wall : D-Day to Falaise Atlantic Wall : D-Day to Falaise
ON 6 JUNE 1944 the greatest armada the world has ever seen approached northern France. That fleet consisted of more than 5,300 ships carrying over 300,000 men and 50,000 vehicles. Opposing them was Germany’s veteran Wehrmacht.
Axis Empires : Dai Senso! Axis Empires : Dai Senso!
The war in the far east - on a massive scale and can be linked with 'Totaler Krieg' to recreate the whole of World war two
Axis Empires : Totaler Krieg! Axis Empires : Totaler Krieg!
The third edition of this WW2 monster, gives more options and links up with the new Pacific game Dai Senso!
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader B-17 Flying Fortress Leader
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader, a WWII Strategic Bombing Solitaire Strategy Game, places you in command of the mighty 8th Air Force flying missions against Germany during World War II.
B29 Superfortress B29 Superfortress
The game puts you in the cockpit of a B-29 Superfortress as you fly your missions over Japan. Your goal: sucessfully complete a tour of 35 missions and return home a hero for bringing the war with Japan to a close without a bloody hard-fought invasion of the homeland.
Baltic Gap Baltic Gap
The Soviet drive into the Baltics during the Summer of 1944, keeping the award winning Operational Combat System.
Band of Brothers : Ghost Panzer 2nd Edition Band of Brothers : Ghost Panzer 2nd Edition
The second in the series of Band of Brothers, this time set on the Russian Front. Follow and create the exploits of the German 11th Panzer Division in Russia during 1941 to 1943. ​
Band of Brothers : Screaming Eagles 2nd Edition Band of Brothers : Screaming Eagles 2nd Edition
Fight with the 101st Airborne division from D Day to Germany
Band Of Brothers : Texas Arrows Band Of Brothers : Texas Arrows
Band of Brothers: Texas Arrows is the third game in the Band of Brothers series of WW2 tactical games
Barbarossa Barbarossa
Barbarossa is set in a fictional Second World War setting in which German military girls rush against Moscow to defeat the evil magician Stalin.
Barbarossa : Crimea 1941-42 Barbarossa : Crimea 1941-42
The sixth game in Vance von Borries’ epic series of games about the Russian front.
Barbarossa : Kiev to Rostov 1941 Barbarossa : Kiev to Rostov 1941
GMT's fifth epic game in its award-winning series of east front games, Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov.
Barbarossa Deluxe Barbarossa Deluxe
A strategic-level, two-player "mini-monster" of intermediate complexity, covering the entire Russo-German War.
Bastogne Bastogne
Re-create the desperate defense of the 101st Airborne in the Ardennes offensive. Simple rules and high solitaire playability
Battle Command Series : Anzio Cassino Battle Command Series : Anzio Cassino
The first instalment in the Worthington Games 'Battle Command Series' - fast playing, oversized hexes and only 4 pages of rules.
Battle for Normandy Battle for Normandy
The latest 'Monster' game from GMT is painstakingly reeasrched and accurate game about the invasion of Normandy in 1944.
Battle for Normandy : Expansion Battle for Normandy : Expansion
This Expansion Set for The Battle for Normandy allows players to extend the campaign game to the end of August, but most importantly includes the area for the Mortain and Falaise Pocket scenarios
Battle for Stalingrad Battle for Stalingrad
Can you change the outcome of the Battle of Stalingrad, will the Germans prevail, or will the Russians end up with a more decisive victory?
Battles of the Bulge : Celles Battles of the Bulge : Celles
Celles is a fast moving simulation of the fighting at the high watermark of the German Ardennes offensive, AKA "The Battle of the Bulge". The Germans are advancing towards the Meuse River and are running out of fuel and time to force a desperate crossing to achieve Hitler's goal of ultimate "Victory". The Allied forces are both trying to block the German advance and begin a counter-offensive to destroy the German Panzer Divisions.
Beyond the Rhine Beyond the Rhine
Beyond the Rhine depicts the campaign for Northwest Europe from September 1944 to April 1945. Available to pre-order, expected in the shop Tuesday 8th September
Bitter Woods : Designer Edition Bitter Woods : Designer Edition
December, 1944 and the desperate German army makes one final offensive in what is now known as the Battle of the Bulge, re-enact parts of the battle or the whole campaign.
Black Orchestra Black Orchestra
As Hitler's grasp on Germany tightens and his maniacal fervor is unmasked, men from the highest levels of the Reich begin to plot his assassination.
Blitz! A World in Conflict Blitz! A World in Conflict
Blitz! A World in Conflict is an army-level adaptation of the internationally award winning global World War II wargame World in Flames. Blitz! covers the entire globe on one large (approx 910mm x 560 mm/36"x22") map of the world with area-based movement covering every theater of the war (Europe, N Africa, Pacific, E. Asia, N Atlantic, etc.).
Blocks in Afrika Blocks in Afrika
BLOCKS IN AFRIKA is a new concept game covering the whole North African campaign from 1940 to 1943. Developed on wooden blocks and cubes system, over an astonishing 87x64cm full laminated multicolor map-board.
Blocks in the East Blocks in the East
BLOCKS IN THE EAST is a game of World War II conflict simulation at the strategic level. It recalls the most decisive battles fought on the Eastern Front from the beginning of the invasion in summer 1941 until the dramatic end in Berlin in spring 1945.
Blocks in the East Chrome Expansion Blocks in the East Chrome Expansion
The Chrome Expansion of Blocks in the East is designed to allow expert players to add more historical details to expand the replay value by enhancing existing historical scenarios. THIS IS THE 1st EDITION
Blocks in the West Blocks in the West
Blocks in the West (BITW) recalls, in game form, the most decisive battles fought in the European Theater Front from the invasion of France until the collapse of the Nazi regimen in May 1945.
Blood & Sand Blood & Sand
Richard berg's entry level North Africa Campaign game
Bloody Hell : Operations Goodwood and Spring, July 1944 Bloody Hell : Operations Goodwood and Spring, July 1944
Historians have described the British attack near Caen and the Canadian assault against Verrieres Ridge as disasters..or were they close to success?
Bomber Command Bomber Command
a 2 player recreation of the RAFs attacks on Nazi Germany's homeland.
Breakout : Normandy Breakout : Normandy
A new edition of the Avalon Hill classic.
C3i #30 – South Pacific, Breaking the Bismarck Barrier 1942-43 C3i #30 – South Pacific, Breaking the Bismarck Barrier 1942-43
Featuring award-winning designer Mark Herman's standalone game "South Pacific," throwing you into the fight between the Allies and Imperial Japanese forces near the Bismarck Barrier during 1942-1943.
Cactus Air Force Cactus Air Force
The Stars and Stripes have been hoisted over Henderson Field, Guadalcanal. Your job is to keep it there! A Solo game where you take control of Cactus Air Force and try to repel attacks by the Japanese from land, air and sea.
Case Yellow Case Yellow
Ted Reicer's simulation of the greatest example of BlitzKrieg - the invasion of France in 1940.
Churchill 2nd Edition Churchill 2nd Edition
New Second Edition! With the Axis now halted it's time for the Allies to step up, but not only will you need to defeat the Axis power, but you'll also want to put your nation into the best position for after the war. Co-operate with your allies but also do the best for you.
Codeword Cromwell Codeword Cromwell
If you have ever wanted to imagine the real 'Dads Army' at war against the Whermacht then this is the game for you
Combat Commander  : Europe Combat Commander : Europe
A superb squad level simulation of World War two combat
Combat Commander  : Mediterranean Combat Commander : Mediterranean
This expansion for Combat Commander adds Italy, France, Britain and minor Allied and Allied countries - not to mention twelve new scenarios

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