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  1944 :  Race to the Rhine

1944 : Race to the Rhine

Not enough gas, not enough ammo or not enough time. Not enough to cross the Rhine before the enemy closes all the gaps. You need to form the bridgehead before others do. That’s the only way to Victory and your personal glory.

1944 Race to the Rhine is a new game experience. You can’t win this game without proper planning. Your tanks need gas to move and ammo to fight. But don’t forget to feed your GIs. So what would be your transport priority?
Will you follow General Patton’s strategy to discard ammo in order to bring additional fuel barrels along to move boldly forward? Would you risk your prestige and gamble on Market-Garden as Montgomery did? Would you cross the Rhine more quickly than General Bradley did, with the help of your hard work and a little luck?

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable” (General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe).

So, how are you planning your Victory?

Players: 1 - 3
Playtime: 90 + Minutes
Ages: 12 +
Published by: Phalanx Games


Our Price: £34.99
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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Steve A from Chelmsford   5 Stars
An excellent resource and combat system. Take on the role of Monty, Bradley or Patton and try to manoeuvre their Corps up the board taking towns as you go but still trying to keep supply lines open. German opponent controlled by the game and plenty of unexpected cards to throw you a curve ball. A superb game that really has you thinking about how to spend the resources you have whilst keeping pushing on. Highly recommend.

Reviewer: Blocky from Essex   4 Stars
Play as brad, patton or monty to get to the Rhine. A very true to life game with careful resource management through gas, ammo and food. An excellant strategic game that will get alot of tabletime.