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  1st and Goal : Mid-East Division Expansion

1st and Goal : Mid-East Division Expansion

1st & Goal: Mideast Division, an expansion for 1st & Goal, contains 28 dice that make up four custom teams. The Dice Football League (DFL) Mideast division includes the following teams:

• Birmingham Black Widows – The Black Widows enter the league of 24 inaugural teams with a top 10-ranked running and passing games. Despite a strong offense, the Black Widows are in danger of getting stomped on defense. Coach Harris Gray states, "We spent all our money on offense. Our defensive squad is pretty much all volunteers." Nose Guard Mildred Dinkins had this to say: "I just go out there every Sunday and do my best. Can I say 'hi' to my grandson?"

• Columbus Cobras – The Cobras enter the league with the 10th-ranked running game and the 16th-ranked passing game. Not only do the Cobras enter the league with a top-ten running game, their defense stands at 9th in the rankings and is one of the most consistent. Coach Bobby "Bam" Boozell states, "I'm so proud of our defense. That's a tough group of young men. They may not be the best out there, but we rarely have any surprises." As mentioned, the Cobras have a top tier running game, led by running back, Cole Kutz. Mr. Kutz had not released a statement by press time. Rumors report that he was out looking for a sandwich endorsement.

• Scranton Scorchers – The Scorchers enter the league with the 7th-ranked running game and the 19th-ranked passing game. Despite an inconsistent offense, the Scorchers have a top eleven defense. Coach Gus Tufwin states, "Right now I'm afraid our passing game blows. But our defense comes in like a hurricane, so hold on to your hats!" Wide Receiver Buddy Fingers commented: "Coach makes a lot of noise about our passing problems, but I'm quick as lightning, man, fast as the wind. I just have a problem holding on to the ball sometimes."

• Toronto Thunder – The Thunder enter the league with the 17th-ranked running game and a bottom ranked passing game. Despite a weak offense, the Thunder have a top ten defense. Coach Hammond Ecks states, "We're going to hatch some surprise plays that should have the other teams scrambling to catch us." Quarterback Cuba Sugar commented: "I got the sweet moves, baby, but I'm not afraid to hang out there and take a lump or two myself."


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