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3000 Scoundrels : Double or Nothing Expansion
3000 Scoundrels : Double or Nothing Expansion 3000 Scoundrels : Double or Nothing Expansion

3000 Scoundrels : Double or Nothing Expansion

Please allow 2-3 days for dispatch;

3000 Scoundrels Expansion

by Unexpected Games

Double or Nothing adds a plethora of additional content that seamlessly integrates into 3000 Scoundrels, such as:

  • Advanced Technologies

Technologies now grant unique abilities to give you an edge over your rivals both during the game and at the end of it.
Clear mod cards provide even more variability to 3000 Scoundrels, ensuring endless ways to employ a winning strategy!

  • Double the Scoundrels

New job and trait cards offer new abilities and double the number of possible scoundrels to 6,000!
Double or Nothing also introduces a brand new type of scoundrel: the Maverick! Mavericks shake up 3000 Scoundrels as they activate during your opponents’ turns, forcing you to keep a keen eye on every move your rivals make.

  • Robust Solo Mode

Sitting alone atop the West?
Double or Nothing offers a dedicated solo mode, with four unique leaders to square off against.
Each enemy requires a different strategy to defeat, keeping your approach to victory fluid and varied.
Enemies also offer an expert side, increasing their difficulty when you’re ready for a new challenge!

  • Debts

Players can gain a debt for a quick infusion of cash, but must be careful as unpaid debts could cost precious tech points.

  • New Locations

Visit the Newspaper for a leg up on leads for valuable tech, or stop by the Loan Office to rid yourself of dangerous debts.

  • Extended Leader Boards

Players can now hold two additional scoundrels for bigger posses and even bigger combo opportunities.

  • And even more!

RRP: £49.99

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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