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  A Most Dangerous Time : Japan in Chaos 1570 - 1584

A Most Dangerous Time : Japan in Chaos 1570 - 1584

From the publisher's website:

A Most Dangerous Time focuses in on the most dire moment of all Japanese history - 1570-1584. Oda Nobunaga, the most revered figure in Japanese history, fights against all of Japan and the victor will be the ultimate master of all of Japan.

This is the game that made Tetsuya Nakamura famous. As you have seen from MMP's Fire in the Sky and A Victory Lost, Nakamura provides a unique insight into military history. MMP is proud to present what is widely considered to be his finest effort.

Using a unique system, Nakamura provides a simulation of this period that is one of the most profound ever made. Don't miss out on this game, it is one of the great gaming experiences of our hobby!

A Most Dangerous Time contains:

1 map

  • 2 full, 1 half countersheet
  • 1 full color rulebook
  • 2 decks (110 total) "poker quality" playing cards
  • 8 six-sided dice

A Most Dangerous Time details:

  • Players: 2 (with variants for 3-4)
  • Complexity: MEDIUM
  • Playing Time: 4-20 hours

A Most Dangerous Time scale:

  • Game Turn: bi-annual
  • Counters: individual leaders and 1000 men/strength pt

A Most Dangerous Time was designed by Tetsuya Nakamura, English development by Adam Starkweather, and artwork by Mark Mahaffey.

Players: 2 - 4
Playtime: 240 Minutes
Ages: 12 +
Published by: Multi-Man Publishing

Our Price: £54.99
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