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  Age of Steam Expansion : Congo/Sweden

Age of Steam Expansion : Congo/Sweden

This is a pair of two maps :

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, more than half of the gross domestic product is derived from the agricultural sector, and fire is a major component, as it is in most of Africa. Fire is often used to burn forests and other natural vegetation to clear the way for new farmlands.

In this scenario, the fire has gotten terribly out of hand, slowly enveloping the country in flames. A very challenging scenario for any railway tycoon attempting to fire up business there.

Sweden: In this map, goods are continuously recycled into other goods until they have cycled all the way to garbage which is fed into incinerators. A timely WTE Plant Operator action can score bonus points for the player that can catch the plant full of garbage!

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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