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Ager Sanguinis
Ager Sanguinis Ager Sanguinis Ager Sanguinis Ager Sanguinis

Ager Sanguinis

This title is available for Pre Order. We have an expected stock date, but this is liable to change without notice. If you order this game, along with other instock titles, your order will ship when the Pre order games come into stock.

Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Stock Date: March 2022;

2-4 players, ages 12+, 90-300+ minutes

by Historic-One Editions

AGER SANGUINIS ("The Field of Blood", the name of the battle lost by Roger of Antioch in 1119) is set in Northern Syria in the 12th Century and simulates the fierce conflicts of the descendants of the Normans who followed Bohemond of Tarento, son of Robert Guiscard and founder of the principality of Antioch. The game includes the various factions at stake in this civilization showdown: Knights Hospitaller, Antiochian Normans, Armenians and Seljuk Turks. AGER SANGUINIS leverages the rules of the others games in the Norman Saga series and introduces new counters like camels and naphtha throwers.

Box contents:

  • (3) full-color tactical maps, giving a possibility of many different terrains;
  • (1) sheet of overlays with tents;
  • (4) sheets of tactical and campaign counters printed in full color;
  • (1) full-color campaign map;
  • (1) rule booklet (in English or French);
  • (1) booklet (in English or French) including the historical background, a guide to the playing pieces and both strategic and tactical scenarios;
  • (6) play sheets (in English or French) for handy reference;
  • (1) 10-sided die.

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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