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Ages 6 and Up

Click Clack Lumberjack Click Clack Lumberjack
A quick play dexterity game - and a Guru favourite!
8Bit Box (Special Offer) 8Bit Box (Special Offer)
8Bit Box is a board game that will remind you the golden age of video games as each player has a gamepad to program their actions, using three wheels: direction, symbol, and value. Three games included.
Altitude (Special Offer) Altitude (Special Offer)
Altitude is a card game about mountains in winter.
Bamboleo Bamboleo
Buckeroo for adults (and children!). Will the wooden block you take off the 'Pizza' base score you positive points or negative for knocking the whole lot over? Another game of genious from Germany
Bananya Card Game Bananya Card Game
The kitty who lives in a banana card game.
Bananya Card Game Expansion #1 - Elder Wisdom Bananya Card Game Expansion #1 - Elder Wisdom
New Bananyas to swap into your game for varied playthroughs!
Bananya Card Game Expansion #2 - Sweet Pack Bananya Card Game Expansion #2 - Sweet Pack
New Bananyas to swap into your game for varied playthroughs!
Bananya Card Game Expansion #3 - Magic Pack Bananya Card Game Expansion #3 - Magic Pack
Contains 19 cards new Bananyas to swap into your game for varied playthroughs!
Bananya Card Game Expansion #4 - Music Pack Bananya Card Game Expansion #4 - Music Pack
Contains 19 cards new Bananyas to swap into your game for varied playthroughs!
Bandida Bandida
Pocket sized co-operative game where you can choose to play cop or bandit...
Bandido Bandido
Bandido is a cooperative game of strategy and observation for the entire family.
Blurble Blurble
In Blurble, you need to think quickly — and obliquely — to grab more cards than any other player.
Bug Hunt Bug Hunt
Collect all of your bugs without grabbing those of others. 
Bye Bye Mr Fox! Bye Bye Mr Fox!
Bye Bye Mr. Fox!​ is a co-operative game that teaches young players about teamwork and strategy.
Candle Quest Candle Quest

Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Restock Date: May 2023; Candle Quest is a buying / selling / auctioning game which the whole family can play

Castle Climbing Frog Castle Climbing Frog
Splash! Yet another castle resident has let something fall out of the window and roll into the castle pond: The princess can't find her golden ball, the magician searches for his crystal ball, and the cook has lost a head of cabbage. What will they do?
Catan Junior Catan Junior
27.99Catan for the younger gamer.
Catch the Moon 2nd Edition Catch the Moon 2nd Edition
Reach for the moon in your dream on a precariously balanced stack of ladders. 
Catstronauts Catstronauts
Race to place cats on the right sequence of planets!
Chateau Roquefort Chateau Roquefort
Can I smell cheese? A Memory game in which your mice hunt the Château for the strongest smelling cheese
Circus Topito Circus Topito
In Topito, players manipulate the circus animals and workers — represented by giant wooden blocks — to complete objective cards in their hand.
Cobra Paw Cobra Paw
In Cobra Paw, players take turns rolling the dice — which feature six unique symbols — then race to grab the tile with the matching pattern before anyone else. Whoever grabs six tiles first wins!
CoraQuest CoraQuest
A cooperative and customizable dungeon crawl adventure for the entire family.
Dice Flick Dice Flick
Open the box and start playing — Dice Flick plays just as quickly as it is set up.
Diced Veggies Diced Veggies
A clever cleaver is all you need to whip up delicious recipes.
Dino World (Special Offer) Dino World (Special Offer)
The player, who manages to push the dinosaur playing cards from the box so that they land on the most dinosaurs, captures the most prey. Players need to aim well and push their cards skillfully.
Dobble Dobble
Dobble isn't just one game, but five separate memory games, including rules for each. Should've been called "Quintuple..."?
Dobble 10th Anniversary Collector Edition Dobble 10th Anniversary Collector Edition
Celebrate 10 years of the wildly popular speedy observation challenge with not one but two new Dobble games!
Dobble 123 Dobble 123
Dobble 1, 2, 3 helps children learn numbers, shapes and colours. With different ways of playing, children will never get bored!
Dobble 360 Dobble 360
A brand new way to play Dobble that will make your head spin!
Dobble : Star Wars Mandalorian Dobble : Star Wars Mandalorian
The Mandalorian get's the Dobble treatment in this Star Wars themed edition of the best-selling family card game.
Dobble Animals Dobble Animals
Match the same image between each game card faster than your friends. Its great for parties and brings together people from different ages.
Dobble Asterix Dobble Asterix
Spot the match! Find the iconic objects and characters from the Asterix universe on 55 illustrated cards!
Dobble Disney 100th Anniversary Dobble Disney 100th Anniversary
This Limited Edition celebrates 100 years of Disney.
Dobble Harry Potter Dobble Harry Potter
Dobble, the UK's best-selling game of 2018 journeys to Hogwarts for this special Harry Potter edition.
Dobble Marvel Emoji Dobble Marvel Emoji
The smash-hit game of speedy observation meets the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe!
Dobble Minions Dobble Minions
The anarchic henchmen from the Despicable Me franchise join the Dobble fun!
Dobble XXL Dobble XXL
Now play the best-selling card game everywhere!
Dodo Dodo
Save the rolling dodo egg by building rickety bridges down the mountain!
Dori Dino Dori Dino
Roll the Dino Eggs back into their warm nests before the Dino Babies hatch!
Dragomino Dragomino
*2021 Kinderspiel des Jahres Winner* The Kingdomino family is expanding with Dragomino, a version for children who are going to go in search of dragon eggs.
Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath
A frozen tower of gems is melting. Guess the correct color gem and reap the rewards!
Dragon's Breath : The Hatching (Special Offer) Dragon's Breath : The Hatching (Special Offer)
Oh no! The nest, complete with dragon egg and sparkling stones, is frozen inside an ice column! Help Dragon Mom melt the thick layer of ice, but be careful that the egg doesn’t fall out of the nest!
Echidna Shuffle Echidna Shuffle
Bugs hitch rides on adorable echidna in a race to get home first.
EXIT: The Game – Kids : Riddles in Monsterville EXIT: The Game – Kids : Riddles in Monsterville
New Release; Stock due @ 19th April; Can you solve riddles to recover stolen cookies?
Exit: The Game – Kids: Jungle of Riddles Exit: The Game – Kids: Jungle of Riddles
Combine picture cards to figure out how to answer riddles.
Fabulantica Fabulantica

*2019 Kinderspiel des Jahres Nominee* 

Farmini Farmini
It's springtime! Time to restore your farm to its former glory! Lucky for you, there's a regional farming competition going on! The trophy for this year's most beautiful farm will be given to the farmer who has the most animals and cornfields! Will you win the competition in Farmini?
Fireworks Fireworks
A group of cats has been training very hard to master their profession - shooting off the biggest and best fireworks in the world! Although they are still rookies, they hope to become experts someday. Which cat can put on the most explosive fireworks display?
Fruit Punch Fruit Punch
Fruit Punch is a speed action game in which players watch for sets of exactly five fruit. The deck contains 56 playing cards showing four kinds of fruit in groups of 1 to 5 and a bell of the type found at hotel reception desks.
Funky Chicken Funky Chicken
Take all the excitement of Happy Salmon, add funky dance moves, pack it in a disco chicken sporting a cool pair of shades and you’ve got... ... ... Funky Chicken!
Get Packing Get Packing
Get Packing is a puzzle game that will send your neurons on vacation.
Godzilla Card Game Godzilla Card Game
The Godzilla Card Game uses the Chrono Clash turn and resource system, which allows players to strategically use their resources and accurately represents the flow of real battles,.
Gyumi - Fruit Mix Gyumi - Fruit Mix
In Fruit Mix, a.k.a. GYÜMI, players have to collect as many points as possible by compiling fruit sequences. The only thing you need is perceptual and reliable memory since you can always see only the topmost cards of your sets!
Hamster Clan (Special Offer) Hamster Clan (Special Offer)
Will the hamsters manage to collect all the carrots, clover and wheat, and store them in the right storerooms before the leaves have fallen off the tree and made a pile for the hedgehog to burrow into?
Hamsterrolle Hamsterrolle
How can you resist a game based on a Hamster Wheel?
Happy Salmon Happy Salmon
Happy Salmon is a simple, ultra-fast, very silly card game.
HeckMeck Junior (Pickonimo) HeckMeck Junior (Pickonimo)
A junior version of the popular Heckmeck game, with simpler dice.
Honey Honey
A clever mix of mechanisms and a beautiful 3D set-up, plus audio clues mitigating the memory factor and giving equal chances to kids and their older siblings or parents – all of this makes Honey not only sweet but delicious.
Gather food. Feed geese. Win eggs! 

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