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  ASL : Winter Offensive Pack 9 (2018)

ASL : Winter Offensive Pack 9 (2018)

ASL Winter Offensive 2018

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9 includes four new Deluxe ASL geomorphic maps (i, j, k, l) (in the ASL Starter Kit (unmounted style) and five scenarios.

Scenario List:  
WO24-Dew of Death, Xingzi, China, August 1938. Chinese v. Japanses; 5 1/2 Turns; Boards l & k.
WO25-The Replacements, Kotovskiy, Russia, September 1942. Russians v. Italians; 5 1/2 Turns; Boards i, k, & l.
WO26-Phoenix Rising, Tengchong, China, July 1944. Japanese v. Chinese; 6 1/2 Turns; Boards l & k.
WO27-Checking Out, Aachen, Germany, October 1944. Americans v. Germans; 6 Turns; Boards i & j.
WO28-Dean's Defiance. Taejon, Korea, July 1950. Americans v. North Koreans; 6 1/2 Turns; Boards i, j, & k.

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