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  Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles - Scar's Cylon Raider

Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles - Scar's Cylon Raider

Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles Expansion
Published by: Ares Games

The Raider is the primary Cylon assault craft, first encountered during the destruction of the Twelve Colonies. The ship is actually a bio-mechanical, self-aware, living creature, with a complex system of organs, veins and, biological fluids inside its main body.

The Raider is armed with two kinetic energy guns, and it may sometimes carry conventional and nuclear missiles. Capable of FTL jumps, Raiders are also very maneuverable and hard to keep in sight for more than a few seconds.

Like other Cylons, Raiders can be resurrected, so they can continue developing their skills after being destroyed. This Raider, nicknamed Scar by the Colonials, is possibly the most vicious and experienced opponent encountered.

1 Raider
1 Gaming Base
1 Ship Card
1 Maneuver Deck
Set of pilot Cards

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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