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  Blocks in the East Chrome Expansion

Blocks in the East Chrome Expansion


The Chrome Expansion of Blocks in the East is designed to allow expert players to add more historical details to expand the replay value by enhancing existing historical scenarios.
N° 12 Special Event Cards
• N° 30 16x16x8mm wooden blocks
• N° 1 blue wooden disc
• N° 8 plastic factories
• N° 12 8x8x8mm wooden cubes
• N° 20 plastic black drums
• N° 10 plastic white drums
• N° 59 PVC stickers
• Rules Manual with BITE FAQs
The 12 cards introduce new historical events that players can choose to add to increase historical details and flavour. Before the game starts, players must agree on how many and which cards to put in play. 
Each card has a number of Chrome Spheres from 1 (the event is historical, but not added to the original game) to 3 (the event may hardly have happened). 

The 30 wooden blocks and the blue disc are new playing pieces.  
Apply the 15x15mm stickers on them: 

• 1 Ploesti Flak Tower on Blue disc 
• 3 Cossack Cavalry on Red blocks 
• 5 Soviet Forts on Orange blocks 
• 3 Italian units on Green blocks 
• 19 other units on Black blocks 

Our Price: £24.99
We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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