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Building and Exploration Games - Page 6

Sub Categories
Carcassonne and Expansions
Carcassonne and Expansions

Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition
Advance your ancient civilization from tiny 59.99settlement to mighty empire. 
Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (Special Offer) Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (Special Offer)
Designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects is a fun and engaging game that includes a three-dimensional palace that players compete to build.
Clinic Deluxe Edition Clinic Deluxe Edition
This is your Clinic! Build it however you like to give patients the care they need, so you can make your Clinic the most popular one in town!
Clinic Deluxe Edition: The Extension Clinic Deluxe Edition: The Extension
The brand newest CliniC: Deluxe Edition the Extension contains all expansions (at least 12 expansions) already released in the medical dossier #1, medical dossier #2 and medical dossier #3, with new rules, new components, new lay outs and new tiles with new graphics and illustrations from Ian O'Toole.
Clinic Deluxe: 2nd Extension Clinic Deluxe: 2nd Extension
Clinic: Deluxe Edition – 2nd Extension adds 13 expansions and 1 variant to Clinic: Deluxe Edition.
Clinic Deluxe: 3rd Extension Clinic Deluxe: 3rd Extension
Clinic: Deluxe Edition – 3rd Extension adds 12 expansions and 3 related variants to Clinic: Deluxe Edition.
Clinic Deluxe: 4th Extension Clinic Deluxe: 4th Extension
This is the fourth extension for Clinic Deluxe Edition released for the non-Essen fair in 2020.
Clinic Deluxe: 5th Extension Clinic Deluxe: 5th Extension
New layouts for the ground floor and a new series of double tiles.
Clinic Deluxe: Campaign Book Clinic Deluxe: Campaign Book
This Clinic: Deluxe Edition – Campaign Book provides 3 campaign modes to address all experience levels, and all of which are designed for 1 – 4 players:
ClipCut: Parks ClipCut: Parks
ClipCut Parks is a first of its kind, innovating roll-and-write gameplay as the first roll-and-cut game!
Cloud City (Special Offer) Cloud City (Special Offer)
In Cloud City, you compete against other architects to create the best city planning project to be chosen by the city council. Have your project chosen and built for the people of Cloud City to enjoy!
CloudAge CloudAge
Travel in airships above dried-up landscapes, visit cities, and battle Cloud militia.
Cloudspire Cloudspire
Use towers, minions, and heroes to help your faction claim an island in the sky.
Coal Country Coal Country
This title is available for Special Order.  Coal Country is rife with corruption, with the many mine foremen "influencing" various aspects of the mining industry in a number of ways.
Codex Naturalis Codex Naturalis
Compile a manuscript of overlapping pages, revealing plants, animals and fungi.
Coloma Coloma
Coloma is the town where an unexpected event happened that shaped history of the Western Frontier.
Colonial : Europe's Empires Overseas Colonial : Europe's Empires Overseas
Colonial: Europe's Empires Overseas is a board game about colonial times, from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution.
Colonialism Colonialism
Colonialism is a game of 19th Century imperialistic struggle. In this game, each player assumes the role of a nondescript colonial power.
Coma Ward Coma Ward
In Coma Ward, players are patients who have awoken in an abandoned, yet still functioning hospital with no memory and no idea of what is happening. Patients must search the hospital for clues and necessities. In their search, patients may find unspeakably terrifying things.
Coma Ward: Cataclysmic Abominations Expansion Coma Ward: Cataclysmic Abominations Expansion
Cataclysmic Abominations contains 12 new Phenomena for Coma Ward dealing with supernatural themes.
Coma Ward: Mystery Guest Pack Coma Ward: Mystery Guest Pack
The Mystery Guest Expansion adds six more Phenomena for Coma Ward, created by six guest writers!
Combi-Nations Combi-Nations
Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Restock Date: July 2023; Transform a sandy land into forests, fields, cities, lakes and matching facilities.
Concordia Concordia
Guide a dynasty and send colonists to the remote realms of the Empire; develop your trade network; and appease the ancient gods for their favour - all to gain the chance to emerge victorious!
Concordia: Britannia / Germania Concordia: Britannia / Germania
Concordia: Britannia Expansion features a double-sided map for Concordia.
Concordia: Venus Concordia: Venus
Standalone version of Concordia Venus; With the help of Venus, the goddess of love and intimacy, two partners work together at a game of Concordia while competing against one or two other teams.
Concordia: Venus Expansion Set Concordia: Venus Expansion Set
Expansion for Concordia; With the help of Venus, the goddess of love and intimacy, two partners work together at a game of Concordia while competing against one or two other teams.
Cooper Island (Special Offer) Cooper Island (Special Offer)
Explore and colonize the newly discovered Cooper Island...
Cooper Island : Skilled Workers Expansion Cooper Island : Skilled Workers Expansion

For those who want to bring a little more variety to Cooper Island, there is now this mini expansio

Copenhagen Copenhagen
The Danish city of Copenhagen is traversed by canals and harbors, and part of it — "Nyhavn" (New Harbor) — is famous for the colorful gabled houses along the water. In the game Copenhagen, players must design new façades for these houses so that they fit seamlessly into this beautiful harbor setting.
Copenhagen Deluxe Copenhagen Deluxe
Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Delivery Date: March 2023; Polyomino your way to the grandest facades in the Danish capital.
Copenhagen Queenie Box Copenhagen Queenie Box
Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Delivery Date: March 2023; The Queenie Box includes two Queenies with mutlicolored tiles to enhance the fun and challenge of Copenhagen.
Copenhagen Roll & Write Copenhagen Roll & Write

Copenhagen: Roll & Write features gameplay similar to the Copenhagen board game, but with players now finishing the facade of their building thanks to the colors shown on rolled dice, not drafted and played cards.

Coral Coral
Grow a coral reef together, but keep the best spots for yourself!
Coral Islands Coral Islands
Coral Islands is the 2-in-1 game featuring 2 competitive games utilising dice stacking as the prominent mechanic. Players are tasked with conservation efforts to repopulate coral as well as redevelop islands to make them conducive to animal life.
Coralia Coralia
The colorful reefs around the former pirate island of Coralia offer a paradise for scientists from all over the world who explore the underwater world with their diving robots and work to preserve the coral reefs.
CoraQuest CoraQuest
A cooperative and customizable dungeon crawl adventure for the entire family.
Corrosion Corrosion
Build temporary engines and put them to good use before your machines and gears rust. 
Cosmic Colonies Cosmic Colonies
Cosmic Colonies is an orbit-drafting game of building a home in the stars.
Cosmoctopus Cosmoctopus
Earn tentacles to prove your devotion to the cutest cephalopod in the cosmos.
Covalence: A Molecule Building Game Covalence: A Molecule Building Game
​​​​​​​In Covalence, players work together to accurately reconstruct a number of secret organic compounds.
Crack the Code Crack the Code
A limited communication, cooperative puzzle game!
Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done
Move your knights, erect buildings, and go crusading to spread the influence of your Order.
Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - Divine Influence Expansion Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done - Divine Influence Expansion
"Spreading the influence of your order" takes on a whole new meaning in Crusaders: Divine Influence!
Cryo Cryo
In the engine-building, worker placement game Cryo, leaders of separate, hostile factions compete to survive and claim control over the underground caverns on a remote icy planet.
Crypt of Chaos Crypt of Chaos
Explore a creepy crypt crawling with monsters, treasure and more!
Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace, players take on the role of a nation at the time of the first World Fair in London (1851), trying to create a buzz with spectacular inventions and the support of famous and powerful people.
CULTivate CULTivate
CULTivate is a take-that, pattern-building game from Pops & Bejou Games.
Curators Curators
Restock due @ 30th November - 2nd December; Curators is a Euro-style, tile-laying game for 1-4 players in which players build museums and their collections to attract visitors.
Curators : Chip Upgrade Pack Curators : Chip Upgrade Pack
The Chip Upgrade Pack replaces the card board tokens in the game with 20 ceramic chips, 5 in each of the four player colours; Green, Gold, Blue and Red.
Curio: The Lost Temple Curio: The Lost Temple
In the real-time cooperative game Curio: The Lost Temple, players take the role of the archaeological team as they try to escape the Lost Temple.
Curious Cargo Curious Cargo
Curious Cargo is a two-player game in which you go head-to-head against your opponent by building up the infrastructure of your facility, calling in trucks at the right moment, all while perfectly timing the shipping and receiving of cargo to score the most points.
Cutterland Cutterland
Adventurers cut cards into pieces to create their own fabulous lands.
Cuzco Cuzco
After the people of the Aztecs of MEXICA, the Mayas of TIKAL, here we are with the Inca people in CUZCO. (This is a new version of the game originally published as JAVA)
CVLizations (Special Offer) CVLizations (Special Offer)
Could you write your nations CV (Curriculum Vitae), well now you can find out, develop skills and inventions among other things, please your people and maybe your CV will be the best of the bunch.
Cyberion Cyberion
Send your robots to repair the machines of the Oniverse's Factory.
Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game
Cytosis: A Cell Building Game is a worker placement game that takes place inside a human cell.
Cytosis: Macromolecules Upgrade Pack Cytosis: Macromolecules Upgrade Pack
Custom wooden pieces with the chemical structures of all the macromolecule resources for Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game.
Cytosis: Virus Expansion Cytosis: Virus Expansion
The expansion adds Influenza, Rhino Virus and Ebola.
Daimyo: Rebirth of the Empire (Special Offer) Daimyo: Rebirth of the Empire (Special Offer)
On the ruins of a civilization they do not fully understand, the new Daimyos work on the rebirth of the empire!
Daimyo: Rebirth of the Empire Miniatures Set (Special Offer) Daimyo: Rebirth of the Empire Miniatures Set (Special Offer)
This miniature set comes with 80 minis in 32mm, 13 sculpts, 20 per clan: 8 Governors, 3 shadows, 1 scavenger, 4 towers and 4 techno farms

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