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  Carbon 2185  - Cities Sourcebook

Carbon 2185 - Cities Sourcebook

Carbon 2185 Sourcebook; Hardcover

by Dragon Turtle Games

Explore the megacities of London, Manhattan, and Tokyo in this 210 page sourcebook for Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG!

London 2185

In the 2080s, the King of England, also the CEO of The Crown Estate started to leverage his political influence, his overwhelmingly positive public opinion, and shear financial strength to position The Crown Estate as the leading megacorporation in Britain. This effort by the Royal Family lead to the Monarchy regaining complete control of the country through financial, business, and political means.

It's been a hundred years since then, and people are starting to get restless. Sick of the Crown Estate, sick of the prowling gangs, and sick of life under one man's control. A rebellion is starting to gain momentum.

Will the Cyberpunks take a leading role in this rebellion? Will they play both sides of the conflict for maximum profit, or will they shy away from the main action, instead preying on the carcass of a city in open war?

Manhattan 2185

Where will you stand in the population of Manhattan, a playground for the social elites? 

While the five boroughs of New York Megacity are filled with tens of millions of people, Manhattan island is home to a population that lives to serve the elites. From the pop star turned private showgirl entertaining them, to the former chemistry teacher now manufacturing and selling them illicit drugs, everyone lives to serve in Manhattan.

Let's not forget about the societal rejects who make the city's extensive sewer and subway systems their home. Down below the streets, you won't just find rodents, but bands of cyberpunks, CEO worshipping cultists, and murder-for-hire gangs. These people serve in a different way, as muscle, assassins, corporate spies, data thieves, and any other job you wouldn't want people on your official payroll to get caught up in.

Tokyo 2185

"The brutal Japanese Civil War of 2171 saw families torn apart as brothers fought on separate sides, split by different ideologies. 

Unhappy with the direction technology and megacorporations were leading humanity, the Isolationists wished to return to the Sakoku policy and close off Japan to the outside world, while the Futurists believed the key to Japan's continued survival was in adapting to the new world.

This short but deadly war, barely won by the Futurists, left Tokyo as a city scared by conflict and overran by gangsters. Knowing that these gangsters, in particular the Watanbe Yakuza had a vice like grip on Tokyo, most megacorporations moved their Japanese HQs to Kyoto Megacity."

Where will the CYBERPUNKS land in this uneasy peace? If you know where to look, there's plenty of Wonlongs to be made in a city ran by criminals on the brink of a renewed civil war.

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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