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  Carcassonne Maps - Chips

Carcassonne Maps - Chips

Carcassonne Expansion

by Hans im Gluck

Map Chips -  1 mini-expansion for all Maps. For each Map there is an individual game rule!

With Map-Chips you've got the chance to enjoy even more varied and more exciting Map-games. No matter which map you are playing, Map-Chips provide you with an individual game rule for each map. In France you are going to press wine, whereas you've got open Land tiles in the Benelux Countries. On the Iberian Peninsula you can go geocaching, on the British Isles you might play twice as fast and in germany you'll have the possibility to upgrade your Meeples.

Here are the game rules to all Maps in one document (PDF). On the first pages you find an Overview and the Basic Rules to all Maps. Then, each map is explained with its own Map-Chips-Rules.

Download the rules here.

Download the USA East & USA West rules here.

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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