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  Cowboys : The Way of the Gun

Cowboys : The Way of the Gun

From the Publisher's website:-

COWBOYS is our game of the Old West when the way of the gun ruled the day. 2 - 10 players will be able to shoot it out in 10 - 60+ minutes.

The game features stand-up Cowboy counters with plastic bases. The box, boards, and all componets feature full color artwork by Gary S. Zaboly. 26 historical and hollywood style scenarios are included and depict gun fights, bank robberies,lynch mobs, cattle rustling, jail breaks and many other western actions. Six double sided geomorphic mapboards are used to create the look of the Old West.

The personalities will be there, Wyatt, Doc, Jesse, Billy, and many other legends of the Old West.

Some of the variables are town folk, horses, weapons, card play, etc.

Every person has dreamed of being the cowboy standing in the middle of street, alone, staring down your enemy, fingers twitching by the side of your gunbelt, looking for the flinch in your adversaries face that will unleash blazing steel from your is your chance...but watch your back!

Game includes geomorphic mapboards, counters, stand-up cowboy counters, plastic bases, cards, dice, box, rules, scenario book with historical info, and other game play materials.

Players: 2 - 10
Playtime: 60 Minutes
Ages: 8 +
Published by: Worthington Games


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