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  Cthulhu Wars : Duel - Family Reunion Expansion

Cthulhu Wars : Duel - Family Reunion Expansion

Cthulhu Wars : Duel Expansion

by Petersen Games

Four new beings with abilities and features never seen before in any Cthulhu Wars game.

The first player who reaches 6 Doom places Randolph — Lovecraft’s most famous hero — anywhere on the map. He starts on that player’s side. His abilities:

Disloyal — If he is Killed or Captured, he switches to the other player’s Pool and now works for them.

Man Was Not Meant to Know — If Randolph is at an enemy Gate, you can force your enemy to tell you their next Action.

The first person to do a Ritual of Annihilation places Junior anywhere on the map. He doesn’t belong to any faction, and has three abilities:

I Hate Everyone — In any battle in his area, Junior joins the attacker’s side.

I Don’t Care — He can’t be Killed, only Pained.

I’m Going to My Room — If Junior is at your Gate, you can move him into an adjacent area free; you can keep moving him through a series of your connected gates.

THE FORGOTTEN GOD: No we don’t know its name. It’s forgotten.
The first player to awaken this Great Old One places it anywhere on the map. It doesn’t belong to any faction. Its abilities:

No Wonder It’s Obscure — If you have a GOO in the Forgotten God’s area, you can move all your units for 1 Power, if you don’t move into or out of the Forgotten God’s area.

Get Rid of It — It’s included in any battle in its area. Either side can apply a kill or a pain to the Forgotten God. (It has Combat 0).

THE GREAT DODDERING ONE: A senile delinquent
The oldest player plops down the Great Doddering One during any Doom phase. It doesn’t belong to a faction. Abilities:

Do I Know You? — Either player can Move the Great Doddering One, or use it to Capture a Cultist. It stays out of battles though (it’s not sure why everyone’s fighting).

Respect Your Elder Gods! — You can battle the Great Doddering One if you declare battle on it directly. It does roll 4 dice.

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