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  Dark Tales

Dark Tales

Once upon a time the classic happy ending: "... and so the brave prince defeated the evil dragon and saved his beautiful princess!"
But in the land of Dark Tales does not always go well, and everyone lives happily ever after. In the thick of the forest you can see eerie creatures who shun the light, ready to betray their fellows with enchanted items and powerful curses. Choose carefully your companions and servants, uses timed their intriguing ability and experience the textures of your fairy tales dark. Dark Tales is a game in which the interaction between paper and magic items is the key to success: a character, an event or a sword used at the right times can make or break the game. And thanks to the different environments, objects that collect change their power from game to game. Can you choose the best opportunities to create effective combinations, and thus gain the most victory points? (Already available the first expansion: Snow White !) 
Players: 2 - 4
Playtime: 30 Minutes
Ages: 14 +
Published by: dV Giochi

RRP: £22.99
Our Price: £16.99
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