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  Death Ride: Arras

Death Ride: Arras

Special order; Please allow about one week for dispatch;

2 players

by Grognard Simulations Inc

The British Counter-Attack at Arras

This game is a collaborative design between Grognard Simulations and Stronpoint Simulations of the British Armies surprise attack on Rommel's 7th Panzer Division at the city of Arras. This game is a lighter version of the Death Ride series and a good introductory game for the series.

The battle is an interesting situation where the British got the drop on Rommel when the Germans were only considering victory and were too confident of success. This is where Hitler began to get nervous about the ever extending flank of the German armored spearheads. Luckily for the Germans the British had poor coordination and poor tanks involved in the attack. While they made the Germans nervous and gave a few units some real problems they didn't have much of a chance of cutting off the German spearheads.

This two day battle is one of the high points of the French campaign for the Allies. Players will each find a tense situation at the beginning. The British must try to push hard as far as they can in order to effect a breakthrough. The Germans must stave off the breakthrough and hold on until help arrives. Rommel sent the 25th Panzer Regiment forward and left the softer elements of the division behind. It's these softer elements that come under attack. The 25th Panzer Regiment is the help and they had to turn around and go back in order to stop the British attack.

Game Scales are:
- Game Turns are 15 minutes; a change from most other Death Ride series games
- Hex Scale is 330m per Hex
- Most units are platoons, British infantry are companies

Contents - comes with (in Full Color):
(4) Map Sections of the Arras France Area of Operations
(3) Counter Sheets with over 600 Units and Markers
(2) Scenario Cards
(2) d10 and (1) d6
58 Pg. Master Rules (FREE download for those who choose the LITE version)
Supplemental Rules Specific to Arras
Order of Battle Cards
Command and Control Enhancement Built In
Fire Support Enhancement Built In

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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