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  Death Ride Kursk: Totenkopf

Death Ride Kursk: Totenkopf

Special order; Please allow about one week for dispatch;

2-6 players, ages 16+, 100+ minutes

by Grognard Simulations Inc

Death Ride Kursk: Totenkopf builds on the existing Death Ride Kursk games for the XLVIII Panzer Korps by adding the IInd SS Panzer Korps Division Totenkopf. This project takes the Death Ride Kursk game system to a new level. The maps for the entire 9 game series have been redone. The design for the new maps was done by Rick Barber and the artwork by Kyle Gebhardt. Game play is still characterized by the BOS, or Battlefield Operating Systems. The rules have been restructured to include all of the rules for the enhancements. They have also been reformatted to make it easier to understand and improve rules clarity. Remember that even though the basic system is an I-Go-U-Go type system the order in which units move and actions occur is very open. Players have a tremendous amount of flexibility to perform firing, movement, and obstacle removal, can be done when the player needs them to be done. This means you get to control the synchronization of the battles activity to suit your plan.

While the rules are now quite large, they are very comprehensive. Players will find great richness and depth in the level of detail. There are now four different levels of game rules play. From Basic to Ultimate. For those wanting to play the basic game system you will still find great depth and detail. For those wanting the ultimate experience you will find plenty of additional rules in the enhancements to make you feel like a real staff officer.

This game will be the base for the three SS games and the follow on games for Leibstandarte and Das Reich will be expansions. Totenkopf will be needed to play the other 2 games. Included in this game will be the counters for the Command and Control and Fire Support Enhancements. These add some great details and rules right from when you make your purchase. The Air, Maintenance, and Logistics Enhancement counters will be sold separately and are not yet ready for sale.

This game will come with:
(16) 11x17 Full Color Map Sections
(10) Unit and Marker Counter Sheets
Death Ride Kursk Rules Booklet
Totenkopf Rules Supplement
(3) d10 Dice
Numerous Charts and Tables

Out of Stock
We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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