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  Descent : Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) - Bol'Goreth

Descent : Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) - Bol'Goreth

Descent : Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Expansion
by Fantasy Flight Games

The troll from the swamps can be an aggressive fighter, but he can be used best when your mind is on the long game. Rather than pouring all of your strength into crushing the heroes with immediate damage, you can use Bol’Goreth and his Plot deck to wear the heroes down with the Poisoned and Diseased conditions. By sapping the heroes of stamina and health with these conditions, you can slow them down a bit at a time until they’re too weak to oppose your dastardly plans.

Bol’Goreth himself is a formidable foe when you summon him to the battlefield as an agent, possessing the ability to inflict both disease and poison with a single blow. Whether the troll is present or not, the overlord’s unclean powers are only increased by Raging Infection, Bol’Goreth’s ten-card Plot deck. When you tap the powers of Raging Infection, you begin with the insidious power of Plague Release, ensuring that the heroes must treat even one of their own with caution as long as he is Poisoned or Diseased. But your possibilities for wreaking havoc on the heroes with Bol’Goreth and his Plot deck doesn’t stop there.
You can turn your master monsters into carriers of poison and disease with Infected and Envenom, allowing you to bring the heroes closer to incapacitating sickness with every turn. To hasten the heroes’ decline into frailty, Weakness Within ensures that the heroes’ time is limited as they take extra damage from their conditions. If the heroes are persistent in shaking off your plague, Fetid Stench and Weakened Spirit can force them to keep their conditions, both immediately and for the long term. You can even use Mass Mutation, temporarily healing the heroes of all conditions, but rewarding you with a massive amount of threat, allowing you to trigger more Plot cards to thrust the heroes back into a world of pain.

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