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  Descent : Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) - Valyndra

Descent : Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) - Valyndra

As much as the Wyrm Queen is known for her destructive rampages, her lair is known as a place of legendary treasures. Her hybrid minions keep her coffers perpetually overflowing, and all the wonders of Carthridge seem to find their way into her possession. Though many adventurers have dedicated their lives to finding and raiding Valyndra’s chambers, the few that returned refuse to say much on the matter…
How has the Wyrm Queen successfully defended her lair against so many would-be thieves? The ten cards of Dragon’s Greed, the Plot deck in the Valyndra Lieutenant Pack, provide a clue.
Starting with the card, Mine All Mine, Dragon’s Greed translates Valyndra’s lust for gold and treasure into a frightful display of power. While the overlord can convert them to threat tokens, Terrinoth’s heroes may want to think twice about leaving search tokens uncovered, but those who seek to thwart the dragon’s ambition may run afoul of her Jealous Rage.
Additionally, the cards of Valyndra’s Plot deck prove that all her accumulated wealth isn’t just for show. For example, Aurium Plating can toughen up any Huge or Massive monster group, even one that already has Iron-Hard Scales. And if that’s not enough, Valyndra may personally respond to the overlord’s summons, taking the place of one master and two minion monsters from an open monster group to confront the heroes in any quest that doesn’t use the Valyndra lieutenant!

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Our Price: £10.49
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