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  Dexterity Jane

Dexterity Jane

Please allow 2-3 days for dispatch;

2-9 players, ages 8+, 15-20+ minutes

by Sit Down!

How fast can you fold your fingers?

Dexterity Jane is a simultaneous party game using circular cards, with ten cards being numbered 1-10 and the rest of the cards showing hands with folded fingers...or not. Use the numbered cards to indicate the number of the current round of gameplay, but also the number of hand cards that will be used for this round and the number of points that you can win this round.

At the beginning of each round, reveal as many hand cards as the number printed on the numbered card. Then, all players start folding their fingers according to what is asked by the revealed hand cards. Usually, a hand card shows a single finger folded — but sometimes three fingers are folded, e.g., having your hand in a "Bang" position with the index finger and thumb unfolded. Some card also show a fully open hand. The rules are:

  • If several cards show different fingers to fold on the same hand (left or right), fold them all.
  • If a same finger must be folded twice, cancel this action; leave that finger unfolded.
  • If a fully open hand is revealed, it cancels all other hand cards that indicate you should fold a finger on this hand.
  • If two of the same (left or right) open hands are revealed, they cancel one another.

When you think you have the right solution, before locking it, you have to check whether you can shoot someone. (Your character is a cowboy or a cowgirl!) If one of your hands is in the "Bang" position — index + thumb unfolded OR index + middle + thumb unfolded — then you can shoot someone at the table, shouting "BANG!", to steal a victory point from them. If both hands are in the "Bang!" position, you can shout "BANG! BANG!" to steal two points.

After that step, lock your hands on the table, flipping the hands. Be careful: If a hand has no folded finger, you must place the fist on the table, not a flipped flat hand!

RRP: £15.99

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