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  Exceed: Red Horizon: Satoshi & Mei-Lien vs. Baelkhor & Morathi

Exceed: Red Horizon: Satoshi & Mei-Lien vs. Baelkhor & Morathi

Description from the publisher:
EXCEED is designed as a game for players of all skill levels. The basic gameplay is easy to learn, but nuanced enough that you’ll still be learning new tricks for your favorite characters long after you start playing. Flexible options and cards with multiple uses let you adapt each fighter to your own style and to the needs of the moment. Whether you’re new to fighting card games, or just to card games in general, EXCEED is a great place to start.
Each box of Exceed contains 4 complete character decks, each with their own unique attacks and abilities. This box contains the following characters:
Satoshi - Satoshi is a quick technical fighter that gets stat boosts if he has more cards in hand than his opponent.
Mei Lien - Mei Lien is a recursion specialist that gets benefits if she is playing an attack that is already in her discard pile or gauge.
Baelkhor - Baelkhor is a defensive, controlling, fighter. He can spend life when he is hit to stop his opponent from getting gauge.
Morathi - Morathi works well with limited options, as he can manipulate his Wild Swing to get an advantageous result.


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