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  EXO: Mankind Reborn

EXO: Mankind Reborn

1-4 players, ages 14+, 30-150+ minutes
by PlastCraft Games

Kickstarter Edition including following extras: Okou-N'Zila Pack, Oz Pack, 3D Shelter Meeples Pack, New Mission Pack & Tile, 2 New Card Packs., and a Card Holder.

EXO: Mankind Reborn takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has survived natural catastrophes taking refuge in underground caves (like the famous Son Doong cave) for centuries while on the surface, the only ones that have managed to survive are the insects, because of their adaptability and their affinity to a mysterious energy that arises during the natural catastrophes: the EXO-energy.

In EXO, you will become the incarnation the chosen heroes of the main tribes that inhabit the underground caves to unveil the secrets of the EXO-energy.

This is a co-operative survival board game in which players will experience the pressure of having to obtain the necessary resources to survive and fight the insects swarm all while they are fulfilling the objectives of each mission in a story that is told throughout a campaign.

The game is divided into two phases: Day and night. During the day phase, the players must decide what actions they are going to carry out and to do this they will place their pawns on their dashboard in the different actions they can perform:

Move and/or attack
Extraction of resources / EXO-energy
Acquire upgrades
Build (a variety of useful constructions)
Move drone

Once this is done, the players will decide the order in which the actions will be executed.

During the night, they must use the resources obtained during the day phase to survive, facing the disasters that the mission poses.

Winning conditions
The players will get the victory in the game if they accomplish the objective of the mission, while they will be defeated if one of the following conditions occurs: that a human character dies or that a plague occurs.


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