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  Falling Stars: Core Rulebook (Special Offer)

Falling Stars: Core Rulebook (Special Offer)

Core Rulebook
by Lock 'N Load Publishing

Welcome to the Falling Stars Roleplaying & Tactical Game System. This book describes a world for you, the players and Game Master, to build and tell your own stories in. Within the pages of this book, you will find details about the future in which the game takes place.

Fifty years after the first contact, the human race is beset by deadly machinations of several human factions as they struggle to extend their reach into the greater galaxy. A mysterious alien race has emerged whose ultimate intentions are as obscure as their origin. Each vies with the others to direct the future of our species among the stars and only you can determine the outcome.

So, grab between two and eight of your closest friends, get some refreshments, and get ready to dive into a world of adventure and intrigue, shaped by your own actions!


  • Details for how to use the Opposed D10 system.
  • Fully playable rules for over 20 Careers to develop your characters in.
  • Rules to build and customize your own spaceship.
  • A huge galaxy of planets and regions for your characters to explore.
  • An immersing and realistic combat system that keeps players on both sides engaged.
  • Now includes NPC Antagonists PDF

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