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  Fire in the Lake 2nd Edition

Fire in the Lake 2nd Edition

Volume IV in GMT’s COIN Series dives headlong into the momentous and complex battle for South Vietnam.   A unique multi-faction treatment of the Vietnam War, Fire in the Lake will take 1 to 4 players on US heliborne sweeps of the jungle and Communist infiltration of the South, and into inter-allied conferences, Saigon politics, interdiction of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, air defence of Northern infrastructure, graduated escalation, and media war.   

Renowned designer and modern warfare expert Mark Herman joins COIN Series creator Volko Ruhnke for a collaborative production not to be missed.  Fire in the Lake features the same card-assisted counterinsurgency game system as GMT's Andean AbyssCuba Libre, and A Distant Plain, with a pack of twists that take the Series to another level, including: Pivotal events that trump initiative (Tet Offensive, Vietnamization, Easter Offensive, and Linebacker II), Inter-coup campaign effects that vary by RVN leader, Counterinsurgent guerrillas (US-led Montagnards and ARVN Rangers), Insurgent troops (NVA) for direct force-on-force engagements
Tunneled VC and NVA bases, Trail construction and degradation.
A larger-than-ever event deck for even greater play variety Short and medium-length scenarios with either random or period-event options.
Each Fire in the Lake faction presents fresh challenges:
As the Viet Cong, you must light the people’s fire for the Revolution.  How long do you build in the shadows, and when do you emerge to set the spark?  Your big brother from the North will draw the enemy’s attention away from you, but be careful that he does not take over your movement from the inside! 
As the Republic of Vietnam, you have a big brother too.  He will help you build a strong Army, control the country, and kill the Communists, but at what cost to your traditional way of governing?  Should you fight hard with the forces and resources that you have, or leave that to the US and just focus on strengthening your political hold?
As North Vietnam, you have friends feeding you resources as well.  But you must see to funnelling them southward through a well-developed logistical trail, then decide which moment is right for your painstakingly assembled forces to venture from the relative safety of Laos and Cambodia to control the South. 
As the United States, you have the firepower and the mobility.  A certain number of US casualties is to be expected, but too many will break the public’s support for South Vietnam and the War.  And your air power and incursions into Laos or Cambodia can help or turn counterproductive.  Together with the ARVN, the fight is winnable—so long as your so-called friendlies do not undermine the plan!
As with earlier COIN Series volumes, players of Fire in the Lake will face difficult strategic decisions with each card.  The innovative game system smoothly integrates political, cultural, and economic affairs with military and other violent and non-violent operations and capabilities.  Terror and subversion, pacification, infiltration, NVA long-range bombardment, road and river ambushes, VC front taxation, aid diversion, US bombing of the Trail, Montagnard recruitment, ARVN Ranger raids, and many more options are on the menu.  Flow charts are at hand to run any faction missing a player—solitaire, 2-player, 3-player, or 4-player experiences are equally supported.  Ride on up the river. 

Includes: A 22” x 34” mounted game board, A deck of 102 playing cards, 236 olive, bright blue, red, yellow, and orange wooden playing pieces, many embossed, 6 black and 6 white wooden pawns, 4 foldout Faction player aid sheets, 2 foldout Non-player Faction aid sheets, A Sequence sheet, A Random Spaces sheet, A sheet of markers, Rulebook, Playbook, 3 6-sided dice.
Players: 1 - 4
Playtime: 180 Minutes
Ages: 12+
Published by: GMT Games
Complexity: Medium
Solitaire Suitability: High

RRP: £78.99

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