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Floodgate Games - Page 2

3 Laws of Robotics 3 Laws of Robotics
3 Laws of Robotics is a lively deduction game for 4-8 players in which you know everyone's information except your own! Ask the right questions, find your team, and boot up victorious!
Bad Maps Bad Maps
X marks the spot as you and other pirate captains piece together scraps of maps, sending minions stumbling around the island - leading some to traps and others to treasure. But beware, other captains’ instructions may work against you. Yargh!
Cosmic Colonies Cosmic Colonies
Cosmic Colonies is an orbit-drafting game of building a home in the stars.
Decorum Decorum
A game of passive aggressive cohabitation. 
Holi: Festival of Colors Holi: Festival of Colors
In HOLI: Festival of Colors, players gather to celebrate the end of winter as they spread colorful powder on each other, dancing and celebrating new beginnings.
Kites Kites
Keep the kites in the air by playing your cards just right. 
Sagrada Sagrada
Draft dice and use the tools-of-the-trade in Sagrada to carefully construct your stained glass window masterpiece.
Sagrada : Artisans Sagrada : Artisans
A legacy game of dice drafting and window coloring!
Sagrada : Artisans - Campaign Reset Kit Sagrada : Artisans - Campaign Reset Kit
This Campaign Reset Kit provides everything you'll need to play through the Sagrada Artisans legacy campaign a second time.
Sagrada: 5 & 6 Player Expansion Sagrada: 5 & 6 Player Expansion

Add to your Sagrada experience with the 5-6 Player Expansion!

Sagrada: The Great Facades - Glory Sagrada: The Great Facades - Glory
Compete to construct the best stained glass masterpiece!
Sagrada: The Great Facades - Life Sagrada: The Great Facades - Life
Return to the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Sagrada: Life, the second of the three Great Facades expansions.
Sagrada: The Great Facades - Passion Sagrada: The Great Facades - Passion
Named after the Sagrada-Familia facades, Sagrada: The Great Facades is a series of expansions to be released in three parts: Passion, Life, and Glory. Each part of the expansion contains modules of content that players can add individually or together to their games of Sagrada.
Vault Wars 2nd Edition Vault Wars 2nd Edition
When heroes are slain, their treasure-filled storage vaults are abandoned and put up for auction. As an aspiring hero, you must outbid your opponents to win these auctions and acquire the gear you need.
Vivid Memories (Special Offer) Vivid Memories (Special Offer)
A game of collecting and connecting memories--how they weave together is everything!