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Folklore: The Affliction - Fall of the Spire Expansion
Folklore: The Affliction - Fall of the Spire Expansion

Folklore: The Affliction - Fall of the Spire Expansion

Restock due @ 14th September;

Folklore: The Affliction Expansion
by Greenbrier Games

The Fall of the Spire expansion contains six more stories, featuring new mechanisms for combat and town events. Play as one of four new archetypes, or continue your campaign with your existing characters from the Folklore: The Affliction core game and Dark Tales expansion. In this new expansion the design team at Twin Fire takes us down to the dark streets and up to the rooftops in the towns of Kremel. Then, travel further into the world with new stories, characters, monsters and afflictions. Explore new combat mechanisms that can be used in this new box expansion as well as be added to the core game and Dark Tales expansion.

You have traveled the dangerous byways of Kremel, and finally walk past the gates of the town at twilight. Once eager to see so many people bustling in the streets, you have grown jaded and keep an eye out for pickpockets. Beneath the buildings, stone and wood edifices, you notice the layers of dust and grime, and a deepening of the shadows. A shopkeeper waves in recognition, and looks to you in hopes of news from the outside world. But you have a darker destination in mind, and no time to spare. You nod back, and take to the rooftops, and later descend to the sewers, where you hope to find the missing piece that will take you to the one place that will doom or save this land...the Dark Spire.


  • Extend your campaign with six new full-length stories and many hours of replayable content
  • Expand your urban crawl by adding new Town Event cards
  • New mechanisms include initiative, rooftop combat, and hazards
  • Four new characters to choose from: the Warlord, Huntress, Gentleman, and Viper Maiden
  • New abilities, rumors, artifacts, afflictions, creatures, companions, maps, monsters, and items

RRP: £69.99

We will next be posting orders out Monday 29th December

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