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  Geistermuhle ('Ghost Mill')

Geistermuhle ('Ghost Mill')

Description from boardgamegeek

Time to help the miller carry sacks of flour from the mill and take them home – but watch out for the ghosts that await to scare you and spill flour!
In Geistermühle, each player needs to bring three colored sacks of flour from the mill to her home. The players start at home, with the flour placed in slots around a waterwheel on the game board. This board also has holes in it in which players place their magnetized tokens as they move. A wooden millwheel with three integrated magnets sits underneath this game board.
On a turn, a player rolls two special dice, with the following possible results:
• Two numbers – the player moves her token clockwise or counter-clockwise either the value of one die or the sum of both dice. If the token lands next to flour of the right colour, she can place the flour in her token's slot; if she moves home, she claims the flour.
• One number and one millwheel – move the token as described above, then turn the millwheel once clockwise. (The game board has slots that allow players to grab a cog on the millwheel and rotate it.)
• Two millwheels – turn the millwheel twice clockwise.
If when moving the millwheel, a token is scared off the board due to ghosts – that is, due to the magnets in both items – that token is returned home and any flour it held returned to the game board. Watch for the ghosts as your turn the wheel so that you can steer clear!

Players: 2 - 4
Playtime: 20 Minutes
Ages: 5 +
Published by: Drei Magier Spiele

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Our Price: £9.99
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