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  Glorantha : The Gods War

Glorantha : The Gods War

3-4 players, ages 14+, 90-120+ minutes
by Petersen Games

Glorantha: The Gods War is a competitive strategy game in which 3 or 4 players (3 to 8 players with the Empires expansion) summon units (minions, heroes, lesser gods and usually one greater god); construct buildings (usually Shrines, Temples, and Ziggurats) and clash in mortal combat. The players seek to build their own strength and destroy their enemies by killing their enemies' units and capturing and destroying their enemies' buildings, to achieve Heroquests and thus earn gifts, and to earn runes with unique effects. Each empire has its own, and different, unique ability, weakness, greater god ability, units, Heroquests and gifts. For example, the Darkness empire features trolls, the Mistress (Cragspider), shades, and the Hellmother (Kyger Litor), while the Sky empire has archers, the Emperor, phoenixes, and the Sun God (Yelm). These are not just the same units with different names, but also have different abilities, as do their buildings. Chaos has both different buildings, three greater gods (the Unholy Trio) and a different agenda to the other empires. The game has a world-shattering "mythic" feel to it rather than a “fantasy adventure” sensation.

Glorantha: The Gods War is based on the vigorous mythic realm of Glorantha, which has been the basis for multiple tabletop board, roleplaying, and even digital games, as well as numerous works of fiction. Its depth and scope has been recognized by numerous aficionados of fantasy and gaming, and now it is brought to you in all its astounding power.

In each round, in the Action Phase players spend the power they have earned from various sources, most importantly how many different types of buildings they have and the Heroquests they have achieved. They then spend power to build more buildings, summon and move units, do battle with enemy empires, and use powerful empire-specific abilities including from their earned gifts. The Council Phase may include an attempt to close the Chaos Rift that threatens the existence of the world and/or the Great Compromise in which an empire may sacrifice power for the greater good and to distribute victory points.

Victory is determined by obtaining victory points from various sources, most importantly the number of buildings controlled each round, paired Heroquests achieved and the Great Compromise, and from runes.

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