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Huch and Friends

Catham City Catham City
Catham City is a fast-playing thematic card game, where the players race to collect enough influence to become the new underground boss of Catham.
Coralia Coralia
The colorful reefs around the former pirate island of Coralia offer a paradise for scientists from all over the world who explore the underwater world with their diving robots and work to preserve the coral reefs.
Djinn Card Game Djinn Card Game
The treasures sparkle and glitter temptingly, so everyone wants to capture as much as possible from the treasure cave — but to do this the players must first find their way to the treasure!
Dollars Wanted Dollars Wanted
Can you time things just right to crack a safe and make off with the loot?
Dvonn Dvonn
Fourth in the GIpf Series - this game has you stacking to victory!
East India Companies East India Companies
Try to make a fortune in the spice market with your European shipping company.
Fabula Rasa: Crime Fabula Rasa: Crime
Remember evidence in the proper order so that you can present a clear case.
Fabula Rasa: Pirates Fabula Rasa: Pirates
In Fabula Rasa, players take turns telling a constantly changing story as is typical of oral traditions. T
Fiesta Mexicana! Fiesta Mexicana!
The Mexican party is about to start! Who will serve the most delicious dishes to his guests?
Forum Trajanum Forum Trajanum
In Forum Trajanum, each player governs a Colonia, founded by Trajan himself, and thus is the head of one of the highest-ranking cities in the entire Roman Empire.
Gipf set 2 Gipf set 2
Includes 2 expansions for Gipf and one for Zertz
Humboldt's Great Voyage Humboldt's Great Voyage
As venturous young scientists, players in Humboldt's Great Voyage follow Humboldt's legendary expedition route all across the American continent.
Inhabit the Earth (Special Offer) Inhabit the Earth (Special Offer)
Give your creatures abilities, let them breed, evolve and migrate, and of course Inhabit the Earth but remember the others are trying to do the same thing.
Key Flow Key Flow
The great river Key Flow passes through the new Key Lands, carrying ships laden with resources for building and trade. Along the riverside, buildings are built, boats are moored in docks, and animals graze in the fields.
Lyngk Lyngk
LYNGK is a synthesis of the first six games of the GIPF Project.
Available to Pre-Order; Estimated Release Date: November 2023; Expand GIPF or play a new abstract game.
Punct Punct
PÜNCT, the fifth released game by design in project GIPF, is a connection game. The goal is to connect two opposite sides of the board. A player's turn consists of either bringing a new piece into play or moving one already on the board.
Rajas of the Ganges Rajas of the Ganges
Through tactics and karma to wealth and fame with the Brands.
Rajas of the Ganges Goodie Box 2 Expansion Rajas of the Ganges Goodie Box 2 Expansion
An assortment of the best expansions for RAJAS, all in one convenient box!
Rajas of the Ganges Goodie Box Expansion Rajas of the Ganges Goodie Box Expansion
An assortment of the best expansions for RAJAS, all in one convenient box!
Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers
In Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers, players use eight symbol dice to develop their province, gather goods, and sell them at the market; win over influential personalities in the palace; and sail up and down the Ganges River
Trajan Trajan
An innovative game of influence and power in ancient Rome, Trajan adapts mancala-like mechanics to create a completely new historical gaming experience.
Tzaar Tzaar
Tzaar is the 2007 release in the project Gipf series and replaces Tamsk in the series
Ulm (Special Offer) Ulm (Special Offer)
Players try to expand their spheres of influence and to make optimal use of the hustle and bustle on the market place around the cathedral
Witchstone Witchstone
Use your cauldron wisely to multiply actions because the more you do, the better.
Zertz Zertz
The third addition to the GIPF project