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Welcome to Boardgameguru

BoardGameGuru - A great range of board and card games at great prices, all backed up by great service. 

On top of our already discounted (generally about 20% off RRP) prices we offer a further checkout discount of 2.5% for purchases over £50,  5% for purchases over £100 , 7.5% for purchases over £150 and 10% for purchases over £250.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and debit card payments as well as PayPal.


Thank you to everyone who attended UK Games Expo and visited our booth. It was great to put some faces to names!

Thanks from all the Boardgameguru Team! (Emma, Mike, Zoe, Chris, Dani, Angus, Lisa)


27th November - Closed for a couple of days due to Covid

I tested positive for Covid on Friday morning (24th November) after not feeling very well on Thursday. Thankfully it doesn't seem to have been too bad (especially as I was concerned it'd affect my lungs which are still recovering from my summer bout of pneumonia). I'm hoping to feel well enough - and test negative in the next couple of days but we are currently closed today and tomorrow (Monday 27/Tuesday 28 November). I'll update this when we're reopen hopefully in a couple of days.

Current Shipping Times - Update

I'm still only managing about 2 1/2 days in the warehouse a week at present, due to still rcovering from pneumonia, so please allow some extra time for orders to be dispatched. Sorry.

1st September - Reopening Monday 4th September

I'm very sorry that we've been closed since 11th August. The cold I thought I had transpired to be pneumonia on both lungs with the added extra of early onset of Sepsis - which I'm very pleased the hospital caught and eliminated before it took hold. I had a slightly longer stay in hospital than the few days I was expecting but have been convalescing at home since - mainly sleeping or having coughing fits, but atleast it's all been clearing my lungs and moving in the right direction.

I did manage to get some help and clear some of the backlog of orders this week but we're fully reopening on Monday 4th September when I'll be digging in to the rest of the outstanding orders from the last few weeks. I am also hoping to get the newsletter out this weekend, covering not only next weeks releases but also for the last few that came out whilst I was ill.

Please accept my apologies for the delay and looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things!


We had a surprise warehouse move last week. A large tenant moved out freeing up quite a few ground floor warehouses on our estate. We weren't planning on moving again (as we had a move in March) but the landlord contacted us and had someone interested in the block we were in (we were first floor and they wanted ground and first floor across two units -one of which we occupied) so asked if we'd be prepared to move into one of the ground floor units that was now free. The new unit is much bigger (again) and much easier on our knees, with a good loading bay, so on a couple of conditions (one being that the landlord organised the move as we almost killed ourselves and friends moving the warehouse a few months ago) we agreed to the move.

Everything from our main warehouse is now in the new unit - I just need to get stock back on shelves which shouldn't take too long - so it seems to have managed to go through with minimal fuss or disruption.

So our new address is now Boardgameguru, Unit 4 Manor Industrial Estate, Manor House Avenue, Southampton, SO15 0LF. There's even a chance we might be able to host some game days on site given it's size - but I want to get things in order before we look at that.


Our guru email address seems to be having some connectivity issues. Our supplier is looking in the issue but it has become obvious that we are not receiving every email sent to the address, and haven't been for some time. If you have any queries please can you email us at for the time being. We are still receiving most emails through the guru account, but I don't know how many aren't reaching us. We may end up creating a new business email for contacting us if we can not resolve the current issue, but hopefully the server team can get to the bottom of things asap. 


We've temproarily suspended non-UK orders as we've been getting a lot of uncollected and returned international packages. Mainly from DPD, but also a number of uncollected Royal Mail packages (which we use to send out smaller 2kg and under orders). All the paperwork has been correctly filed and DPD seem to be unable to explain why the returns have been happening. Until we can get firm guarantees that parcels will be delivered correctly, either with the existing couriers or new couriers that we are speaking with, we have had to suspend international services. We will get any outstanding orders out as soon as possible and will reactive international ordering again when possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.

New Releases and Pre-orders
New Releases and Pre-ordersShiny, new and hot in the shop. New releases, re-prints and pre-orders.
Guru Specials
Guru  SpecialsAt these prices how can you resist?
Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction
Fantasy, Horror and Science FictionElves, Zombies and Klingons have inspired game designers to great heights. Board games allow your dreams to come alive - recreate the Battle of Helm's Deep, establish a galactic dynasty or escape the undead in a shopping mall - games in this section will (boldly) take you where no gamer has been before
Strategy, Trading and Economic Games
Strategy, Trading and Economic GamesMake a mint and take over the world. Challenging games that require careful planning, tactical know how and the desire to win
Family and the Younger Gamer
Family and the Younger GamerFor the family that plays together - games for the younger gamer and family play
Military, Historical and Political Games
Military, Historical and Political GamesWalk in the sandals of Alexander the Great, plough through the surf to Omaha Beach , ask 'what can you do for your country'....Recreate the defining moments of history
Abstract and Two Player Only Games
Abstract and Two Player Only GamesIdeal games for couples to fill the long winter evenings
Gamer Accessories
Gamer AccessoriesFor the gamer who has everything..except space to roll those run away dice, Poker chips and now card protectors to fit all types of game cards, including Mayday card protectors, Broken Token Organisers and now Gamer Facemasks!
Lists, Awards, Recommendations and Themes
Lists, Awards, Recommendations and ThemesLooking for some inspiration? Come inside and look at the boardgaming 'Oscars', or try out a top ten from some of Boardgameguru's friends and customers
Building and Exploration Games
Building and Exploration GamesSomewhere hidden in all of us is an Explorer, and a Town Planner. Discover new lands, or build them, in this section
Party, Dexterity and Deduction Games
Party, Dexterity and Deduction GamesRuss Abbott loves a party, so does Pink. Get these games to the table and you will have started a board game Conga faster than you can sing "I love a party With A happy atmosphere"
Race and Sports Games
Race and Sports GamesFootball, Formula One, Horse Racing, Rugby..- We've got it covered in this section
Train and Transportation Games
Train and Transportation GamesCreate a network to make a nation proud. No public subsidy, leaves on the line or soggy sandwiches in these excellent rail and transportation games
Card Games
Card GamesShuffle up - card games from the slight and silly to the strong and serious in this section
Board Games
Board GamesAll of our board games in one place
Dice Games
Dice GamesAlea Iacta Est
Miniatures Games
Miniatures Games
Roleplaying Games
Roleplaying GamesFrom Dungeons & Dragons to GM-less Indie Story Games.
Games by Publisher
Games by PublisherFrom Asmodee to Z-Man (via Rio Grande). All our games categorised by publisher
Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw PuzzlesJigsaw Puzzles - including a selection of 3D Puzzles!
ImportsGames imported by the Guru that are not on general release in the UK but are just too good not to be available to the Great British Gaming Public
Great British Design
Great British DesignThis section is dedicated to Britain's contribution to the renaissance in board game design. From the fluffy to the hard core, British design has blazed a trail across the world of gaming
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