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  Lord of the Rings : The Card Game - Deluxe Expansion - The Lost Realm

Lord of the Rings : The Card Game - Deluxe Expansion - The Lost Realm

​​​​​​​Middle-earth is a richly detailed world, full of different lands and peoples and creatures, and their untold stories lie at the heart of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game , which is set during the seventeen ominous years that follow the events of Bilbo’s birthday party and lead up to Frodo’s departure from the Shire near the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring . Within the game, we’ve already trekked through the shadows of Mirkwood and the abandoned halls of Khazuad-Dum . We’ve fought alongside the heirsof Numenorto turn back the Orcs of Mordor, and we’ve risked our lives to help the white council find any knowledge and strength that might help forestall the Shadow and Middle-earth’s impending doom.
Now, we turn our attentions toward the lands of the North, which at first seem quiet and tame in comparison to the wild roads we’ve traveled. However, the truth is that this peace is purchased at a cost, and a high one at that. Here, the Rangers of the North have dwelt for many generations, ceaselessly roaming the lands and hunting the servants of the Enemy. These noble Dúnedain work in secret, and are often met with scorn by the simple folk they protect. Still, that is the way they would have it, and their countless, secretive efforts come to light with the heroes, player cards, and three new scenarios of The Lost Realm

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Our Price: £17.99
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